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I want to talk my mum into it.She might let me because it fits my school's regulations (two piercings/earrings per ear) but she might not because the holes are permanentI was wondering if the holes you get are a certain size, they might close up if you don't wear the earring for a while?And also, I'd like to know some health risks associated to getting one.Thanks.
I don't know what a scaffold piecing is but if it is the regular earing needle size whole the holes aren't permant if you don't wear the earrings the holes with close up. And no it is just your ear!
Explain the principles of scaffolding?
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Can any one tell me about different types of scaffolding? Especially about tubular and frame scaffolding. If you can tell me about the components using in scaffolding also, that would be appreciate. Please give me some useful links too. Thanks in advance.Regards,Just A Guy
Sorry I don't have links.But I have had the tube type for over 20yrs.The components are :cross bar decks or planks leveling pads scaffold ends(thats what we called them) You should be able to call your local rentall place and find out where you can purchase some or you might be able to purchase theirs at a good price.One more piece you may want to consider depending on how high you go is called a wall tie.always make sure your scaffold is level both ways!it makes a difference when you start to stack or tie together in a string.goodluck
What are the specifications of the bowl fastener? What kind of
More commonly used specifications, there are other types of special-shaped. Unit cm cm.
Disc scaffolding used in the country?
Even the overall collapse, but the cost is higher, after all, is a new type of support, it is recommended to use a more mature bowl buckle scaffold, although more dense but the cost is not high wow, forget to adopt.
Buckle scaffolding problem, now used more or less? Why don't we use it?
We're all talking about wooden scaffolding! But also very easy to use ah
Bowl buckle scaffold steps can only be used in the number of meters 3
3 wall scaffolding = wall center line * wall height (outdoor natural floor to the top of the wall elevation)4 full scaffold = indoor clearance level projection area (not deducted with the wall stack, column, etc.)The 5 level of protection is calculated according to the horizontal projection area of the actual scaffolding plank
Would like to build a scaffold to use to paint interior of house using common materials (wood, PVC pipe, tubular steel etc) which I can buy at Home Depot and quot;boltquot; together. Top level only needs to be 6ft high to do what I need.......Any ideas or plans....rather than renting or buying a ready made one? Thanks
2 eight foot ladders +1 extenision plank = 1 scaffold