how to make cement board plum, on a unleveled wall help?
sheetrock section of your local home depot, butt-strips. Use a level and determine what st...
What is the best way to pull up old ceramic tile without damaging the cement board underneath it?
use an air chisel to remove existing tile the cement board may be difficult top save and e...
Cement Board and Green Board?
if the cement board is 1/4 inch think then add 1/4 inch backer board under the cement boar...
Installing cement board on kitchen walls for tiles, do I just screw it into studs...?
You can attach the board with screws, they make special screws for it, however those seem ...
What is gypsum plaster how does it differ from cement plaster and what does one use for backing?
Gypsm is hydradated pulverized limestone. You would ask for Gypsym topcoat or Gypsm tape ...
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