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Product Description:

Product name: Grey High and low pile silk shaggy carpet

Origin: Tianjin China


Technique:Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm, low pile 3cm

Size:  or customized

Weight: 6.0kg/m2

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a sweet life

Advantage:Non-slip,Moisture-proof,Anti-static,Soundproof,Cold insulation,Wear-resistant,Easy clearing,Cost-effective。

Application:sitting room,bedroom, bedside study,entryway。

Washing:please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour after add water dilute washing. Pay attention to dry in the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:Should I get a rug for my room?
I have a shaggy light purple rug in my room that is in front of my bed and near my closet. To clean it I just beat it outside to get any dirt that's on it. My room has carpet as well (dark brown). I honestly think that you should just test out a rug that you really like and see if you like it or not in your room. If you don't just return it. Maybe make sure first that the rug goes well with the colors in your room. My rug looks good - it's on the smaller side, but my room is pretty small anyways. It matches the rest of my room's colors (light shades). If you get a rug, make sure it has a right color or design with it that wouldn't affect the room as much. Oh, but if it's a shaggy carpet, then I don't suggest buying a rug. Only if the carpet is a flat carpet. (If you know what I mean).
Q:Can I install carpet tiles on top of a carpet pad?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can I install carpet tiles on top of a carpet pad? Just bought new carpet tiles and my husband wants a little more cushion and wants to try out putting a carpet pad under the tiles. Is the possible?
Q:Remove wax from carpet?
Do not use anything to heat the wax or your carpet, most carpets are made of synthetic material and will melt if overheated. If you know the carpet is wool, you can try to melt the wax, but if you do, it will just wick further into the fibers, making a bigger stain. Then you need specialized cleaners, turpentines, etc. Here's a much easier method: Take a bag of frozen peas or corn or ice cubes or an ice block and ice down the wax. Then use a dull knife (butter knife) to scrape off most of the wax. Chances are, this will remove most/all of it, as it probably wasn't all that hot and melty when it hit the carpet. Repeat until it's all or mostly scraped off. If there are still little bits that you cannot remove, I'd judiciously cut the carpet to remove those bits. It likely won't show, unless you've got Berber (closed loops) carpet.
Q:smallest to largest carpet python?
And contrary to what Aaron says, i have found, as have many others, that most subspecies of carpet don't need very high humidity. You don't want an arid environment either, but 40% humidity is more than adequate. There are also other subspecies, inland carpets grow to an average of 5-6 ft, diamond pythons grow to an average of 5-7.5 ft, darwin carpets grow to an average of 4.5-6 ft, but the ones Aaron listed are the most common, at least in America.
Q:how to remove real strong cat urine in rugs?
You might consider calling your landlord and complaining see if they can send a pro out. Its not your mess and its not something you should have to deal with. If that is not an option I would rent a steam cleaner, just scrubbing will make it soak into the pad and spread but a steam cleaner will suck it out. I think it was bissell (bought mine at target) makes a pet odor remover rug cleaner for steam cleaners, it does help a lot. Before steam cleaning you can pour some pet enzyme cleaner on the area, one I used was called Petzyme and can be found at pet stores. If its really bad though, not a small area but a large area that appears to have been urinated on multiple times its most likely going to need to get replaced. That again wwould be your landlords responsibility, they should not rent out a house with unsanitary conditions.
Q:Steam or Vacuum carpet cleaner, which type of cleaner is good.?
after you done , put a small space heater in ,the heat will help dry it faster.
Q:pretreater before using a rug doctor?
Use, to locate one near you. I'm also a pro.
Q:Can polyester carpet be washed?
Yes, it's just not easy to clean.
Q:How can I clean my carpet?
1. Hope this will help! :)
Q:what is the best way of cleaning the carpet?

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