Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines With Good Price

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Product Description:

Multi-Functional Furnace Dismantling Machines Description

Our multi-functional furnace dismantling machines adopts American GRADALL mature technology, which is jointly optimized by American GRADALL hydraulic senior engineers and top structural engineers, and according to the defects and imperfections of multi-functional furnace dismantling machines appeared while being used in the Chinese metallurgical industry for many years, redesign and performance improvement were carried out.

The furnace dismantling machine is mainly used in the steel industry and non-ferrous metallurgy. Install the different working tools (hydraulic impactor, hook shovel, reamer, trowel machine, etc.) to the working arm to complete impact crushing, furnace disassembly, unpacking, precision expansion of tap hole, and converter furnace cap, Slagging of furnace bottom and furnace wall, auxiliary replacement of magnesia carbon bricks and other operations.



Ladle cleaning
Electric arc furnace cleaning
Torpedo tanker cleaning
Molten aluminum slag cleaning
Removal of the tap hole of the converter
Converter cleaning
Furnace demolition


Structure Parts

Designed by top foreign structural engineers, customized by domestic professional engineering machinery factories, advanced processing technology, complete detection methods, strong and durable, triangle arm pipe up to 30MM, made of excellent steel, highlighting the style of rough ore, resistant to deformation, Wear-resistant, reasonable structure layout, convenient for installation and maintenance.

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price


Exclusive Double-row Ball Design For sewing Bearing

Good rigidity, wear resistance, low rolling resistance and strong stability.

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price 


Power System

Product advantages: At present, the standard configuration of the WHE-8250II engine is 180 horsepower, which can be changed to 210 horsepower according to customer needs.

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price



Operating System

The system is equipped with overload protection, automatic alarm when the oil pressure is too low, and the system cannot work when the hydraulic oil level is set too low to ensure the safe and normal operation of the machine.

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price




Cab And Supporting Grille

The cab is the first in China, with a strong aura, and also in line with the principles of ergonomics, luxurious and beautiful, with all the configurations, and the operator can experience the enjoyment of control. The protective grille matched with the cab is designed with heavy construction machinery, which plays a man-machine safety role on high-altitude falling objects and collisions. It is sturdy and beautiful, and the front block can be removed.


Hydraulic System

 1) Adopt a load-sensitive system, which can adjust the output power of the hydraulic pump according to the load size, which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the engine, reduces the energy consumption well and reduces the heating of the hydraulic system;

2) The circuit is equipped with pilot pressure over Low alarm, high hydraulic oil temperature alarm and filter clogging alarm, real-time monitoring of the working status of the hydraulic system to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price


The Boom Is Equipped With A One-Way Throttle Valve

Adjustable boom lowering speed, ensure safe use and prevent accidents.

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price


Multi-Way ValveAand Working Arm Tubing

The system is equipped with overload protection, the automatic alarm when the oil pressure is too low, and the system cannot work when the hydraulic oil level is set too low to ensure the safe and normal operation of the machine

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price


Pressure Measuring Connector

Each oil circuit is equipped with pressure measurement points, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance

Chinese Multi-Functional Furnace Reaming Machines  With Good Price


Single Point Crane

Product advantages: detachable, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, convenient lifting


Desert Filter Configuration

Sand desert filter core can ensure the maximum engine air intake more than the ordinary filter, and ensure the effective power of the engine. Without increasing the intake resistance of the engine, the filtration efficiency within the full working flow range of the engine is maximized. Extend the service life of the engine.


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