Cement Silos Truck in Customized Size for Storage

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Cement Silos Truck in Customized Size for Storage

Detail Information for Cement Silo Truck

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≥ 200ton Cement Silo

50≥Size≤200ton Bolt Assembly Silo

Processing Method

Spiral Folding

Bolt Assembly

Hot Galvanized Steel

Can Use Special Materials Required

Carbon Steel

Can Use Special Materials Required

Bottom TypeFlat or HopperHopper
Foundation TypeConcrete or Steel StructureConcrete or Steel Structure
ApplicationCement Storage
Cement Storage


-  With Max Assured Safety Consideration Leant from Our Over 3000 Units Silo Experience.

2-  Spiral Folding, Max Sealing Performance, Can Have Fumigation System and Store Liquids

3-  Connection Part is 5 Times the Thickness of Steel Plate, with Reinforcing Ribs and Wind Rings, Thus Assure Higher Strength and Solidity

4-  Spiral Folding Silo is Integral Whole Body and with Longer Life Span to 25-40 Years


1- Can store bulk cement for cement production factory

2- Can store cement used for concrete batching plant

3- Can store cement used for block productine line


Cement Silos Truck in Customized Size for Storage

Cement Silos Truck in Customized Size for Storage

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