1000tons-3000Ton Cone Bottom Farm Steel bin

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50 m³
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500000 m³/month

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Hopper bottom steel silo are famous for its automatic discharging process.

The grain inside silos could unload automatically due to gravity, and very efficient;

  1. The steel legs are made of H beam which have good quality and bearing.

  2. 2 kinds of angle-45 degree and 60 degree, among which the 60 degree conical-bottom is usually used to store larger pellet and powdered materials of high viscosity.

  3. Hot dip galvanized steel sheets, 275g/m2 coating galvanizing. 

  4. Bolt and screw connected, assembly and easy maintenance.



Our Services


A Completed Grain Storage System

(the following drawing is designed by our sales, our engineer will finally give a design of your needed grain storage system in CAD format after determination )



General Flow path: 

Truck loaded with grain coming--dumping pit --conveyor--pre-cleaning--elevator--hopper silo--conveyor--truck or workshop or packing machine


*We will design for you as per your requirements.






The installation of silos can be carried out by 3 ways.


*If the client wants to install silos by themselves, we could offer detailed instruction, and we'll give our quickest response to deal with any question in the process.

 *We could also send our engineer to supervise the installation process. The client could find local workers for the installation work and our engineer will help them during the process.

*If the client needs, we could send our installation team for the whole installation issue.

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Q:math problem i have no clue how diamaters and stuff?
Volume of cylindrical silo = pi * [(diameter)^2/4] * (height) = 3.14 *[ (19)^2/4] * 47 = 13319 cubic feet
Q:A large grain silo is to be constructed in the shape of a circular cylinder with a hemisphere attached.....?
quantity of the cylinder is V=pi*r^2*top quantity of the hemisphere is 4/3 * pi * r^3 So entire quantity (V) is pi*r^2*top (H) + 4/3 * pi * r^3 or V=pi*r^2*H+4/3*pi*r^3 V=pi*r^2*(H+4/3*r) V/(pi*r^2)=H+4/3*r H=V/(pi*r^2) - 4/3*r Substituting 15 for r and 11250 pi for V, H=((11250*pi)/(225*pi)) - 20 H=50-20 H=30 The cylinder is 30 ft intense. because of the fact it is likewise 30 ft extensive, a hemisphere on astounding will upload one greater 15 ft, and the topmost factor of the silo is 40 5 ft above the backside. Edit: I used the formula for the quantity of a sphere, no longer of a hemisphere. So my answer would be incorrect. ignore approximately it.
Q:Why did obama shut down all the missle silos ?
They did not shut them all down. You do not know what you are talking about.
Q:Center of Mass Help!!!?
Total mass is 6500 + 40000 = 46500 By symmetry the c.m must lie on the y axis. Taking moment about the origin 46500*d = 6500*(28/2) d = 1.95 m from the origin. ============================
Q:Why do Americans think their military is better trained than all of Canada's?
For starters...SHOW us your proven fact. Last I checked there was no internationally recognized body or standards that rated military forces or their training. Second...having worked with the CF...a LOT (I was a cross border training liaison for 3 years) I can attest to the fact of their competence and professionalism. In fact you put a CF Soldier and a US Soldier in the same uniform doing the same military job and you wouldn't even notice a difference. You can attach a US unit to a CF unit or vice verse and plan and conduct operations without a hitch. Seen it happen many times, both training and combat.
Q:From Russia With Love, the game.?
go okorder.com
Q:What are some questions to ask the man who created Silo City Rocks?
A good question to ask him would be,,,, 'What good advice would give to rock climbing contingent of beginners, on their first day?'
Q:What is the radius of the silo, correct to the nearest tenth of a foot?
portion of circle = ?(r)^2 subsequently, the radius is 5, so we purely plug in r for 5. A = ?(5)^2 A = 25? ? is approximately 3.1416, so we are able to plug in that for ? A = 25(3.1416) *makes use of calculator* A = seventy 8.fifty 4, which rounds to seventy 8.5, determination C.
Q:How many missile silos does the usa have currently?
Only a hand full of people know the answer to that one. And it won't be anyone posting on here. There are many different delivery systems all of which classified.
Q:If the barn is approx. 5 ft. from the center of the silo, what is the capacity of the silo in cubic ft. ?
Can't visualize this at all. If the silo is cylinder shaped, how can it have a flat rectangular face? There are no flat rectangular faces in a cylinder! Please clarify

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