1000t Grain Storage Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer

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Product Description:

1000t Grain Storage Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer

Structure for 1000T Grain Flat Silo

1000t grain storage flat bottom silos including silos, elevators, conveyors etc. Grain storage flat bottom silo is used for dealing with grain such as wheat, corn, paddy, rice etc. 1000t flat bottom silo for grain is widely used in feel mill. flour mill, poultry plant etc,

Products Specification for 1000T Grain Flat Silo

1. The flat bottom silo Body

Include the wall plate, column, manhole, roof ladders and so on.

(1) The wall plate of flat bottom silo

Our steel is hot galvanized, which makes it durable and weather resistant. Our advanced bolts with spherical washer and the resisting-worn rubber are used to ensure the tightness and using period.

(2) Column of flat bottom silo

The column, made by the Z-bar, is used to reinforce the silo body. It is connected by junction panels.

(3) Manhole and Roof Ladders of flat bottom silo

There are inspection door and ladders inside and outside the grain storage flat bottom silo body. It is convenient and accessible for any maintenance work.

Installation for Grain Flat Silo

*If the client wants to install grain flat silo by themselves, we could offer detailed instruction, and give our quickest response to deal with any question in the process.

*We could also send our engineer to supervise the grain flat silo installation process. The client could find local workers for the installation work and our engineer will help them during the process.

*If the client needs, we could send our grain flat silo installation team for the whole installation issue.


Selling Units:Single item
Single package size: 580X213X213 cm
Single gross weight:18560.0 KG
Package Type:carton box


1000t Grain Storage Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer

1000t Grain Storage Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer

1000t Grain Storage Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer

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