Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices

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Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices

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1743.7 Cubic Meter







Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Steel Tray for Silo Wall Plate, Wire Bundle for Silo Stiffener, Elevator Tower Componet, Steel Box for Silo bolts, small components and so on, Each container will load about 20T, nomateer 20GP, 40GP, or 40H GP.


Steel Silos Prices 
-Hot-Galvanized WallSheet, Roof Plate 
-10.9 Grade Bolts 
-Superior Strength,Integrity Structural

Optional Equipment
Silo Loading/Unloading MachineElevator, Conveyor, Auger
Steel Silo Aeration SystemCentrifugal Fans, Pipes

Inside Silo Grain temperature

Level Inspection/control system

Temperature Cable, Sensor, Remote control, Level Cable, Sensor, Computer
Grain Clean SieveBefore Loading into Grain Silo ( Clean Sifter, Support Platform)
Dust removal system for Dumping pitFans, Dust filter, Pipes
DryerFuel: Coal, Wood, Diesel, Gas, electricity  


When Enquiry, Please note below information:

  1. Which Grain Stored, Silo Quantity need, Each Silo capacity?

  2. Grain Silo Loading&Unloading Capacity?(Bucket Elevator, Chain / Scraper Conveyor, Screw Augers(T/H)

  3. Which Optional Equipment Need?

    • Level Monitoring System

    • Grain Temperature Monitoring system

    • Pre-clean Machine Before Loading

    • Dust Removal System for Loading

    • Aeration System For Grain Inside Silo

    • Sweep Auger for Unloading all Grain out of the flat bottom Storage silo

  4. After Silo, Grain to Factory or Truck? If Factory, suggested distance to Storage Silo?


Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices

Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices


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Q:what do flags on farm silos mean?
Six Flags hands down!
Q:when filled to capacity, a silo can hold 8,042 cubic feet of grain. The circumference of the silo is approxima
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Yes. many have been turned into homes.
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Q:A grain silo is constructed in the shape of a cylinder with hemispherical roof.?
All silos are not tall cylinders. Some are piles above the ground and some are trench's in the ground. Upright silos, such as you are talking about are losing favor because they hold relatively little feed and with today's larger operations it takes a lot of them to store feed. Recently silage has been forced into large plastic bags laying on the ground. These provide good storage also.
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