Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices

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100 set/month
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Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices

Quick Information




1743.7 Cubic Meter







Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Steel Tray for Silo Wall Plate, Wire Bundle for Silo Stiffener, Elevator Tower Componet, Steel Box for Silo bolts, small components and so on, Each container will load about 20T, nomateer 20GP, 40GP, or 40H GP.


Steel Silos Prices 
-Hot-Galvanized WallSheet, Roof Plate 
-10.9 Grade Bolts 
-Superior Strength,Integrity Structural

Optional Equipment
Silo Loading/Unloading MachineElevator, Conveyor, Auger
Steel Silo Aeration SystemCentrifugal Fans, Pipes

Inside Silo Grain temperature

Level Inspection/control system

Temperature Cable, Sensor, Remote control, Level Cable, Sensor, Computer
Grain Clean SieveBefore Loading into Grain Silo ( Clean Sifter, Support Platform)
Dust removal system for Dumping pitFans, Dust filter, Pipes
DryerFuel: Coal, Wood, Diesel, Gas, electricity  


When Enquiry, Please note below information:

  1. Which Grain Stored, Silo Quantity need, Each Silo capacity?

  2. Grain Silo Loading&Unloading Capacity?(Bucket Elevator, Chain / Scraper Conveyor, Screw Augers(T/H)

  3. Which Optional Equipment Need?

    • Level Monitoring System

    • Grain Temperature Monitoring system

    • Pre-clean Machine Before Loading

    • Dust Removal System for Loading

    • Aeration System For Grain Inside Silo

    • Sweep Auger for Unloading all Grain out of the flat bottom Storage silo

  4. After Silo, Grain to Factory or Truck? If Factory, suggested distance to Storage Silo?


Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices

Complete Grain Storage Steel Silos Prices


Q:Why do the corrugated edges on silos look so weird when you are far away from them?
maybe it's some kind of moire effect , like you get when looking at someone's striped shirt on TV , or when you scan something with a repetitive pattern. I've never seen a barn large enough to know exactly what you're talking about tho..
Q:name all stores where you could buy a walkman in the 80's?
Anywhere that sold electronics in the 80'
Q:So the rocket will be put into the ground 'cause the space port is in cold climate.But when the fire is lit under the rocket to send it into space will the explosion blow-up the surrounding earth?Is it feasible to have rocket launches from below ground?
Some countries do have silos underground, it doesnt necessarily mean you dig a hole and put it there! There are proper shock proofing within the walls of the bunker to absorbe any sound or heat or other forms of energy which might damage the walls.
Q:I found some weird images in Google Maps. Here is the link to the map
Mostly Chinese Military Installations plus Airport, Missile Silos, and a lake.
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Since she has personalized it with He, personalize yours. I am her dreamcatcher.
Q:What is the most dangerous superhuman power?
blowing things up with your mind and teliportation *teliports to missile silo, blows up nuke* see?
Q:A goat is tethered, but is otherwise free to graze in the space she can reach. The barn's front wall is tangent to the silo at the corner. The anchor to the tether is at the point of tangency. The silo has a circular base with radius of 10 feet. The tether is exactly long enough so it wraps around the silo exactly once - that is, the length of the tether equals the circumference of the silo. Calculate the grazing area of the goat. The barn wall is 65 feet long.I do not even know where to begin, please help amp; explain steps???
Need diagram to do this question , i can't guess the correct diagram !
Q:If you have a fear of heights can you still be a ranger, i dont mind heights in fact i just climbed an 80 foot silo today but if your scared of heights will you be dqed?
Well you better get rid of your fear of heights. You have to go to Airborne school before you can become a Ranger. You have to do fast roping, obstacle courses that are high, mountain climbing, and be in a chopper during Ranger school. If you cant complete the task then yes you will be dqed.
Q:Four Circular wheat silo's are arranged so that each circular silo touches two other silo's at exactly one point. (So basically the Silo's are arranged in 2 rows of 2)When the silo's are filled, the grain overflows to fill the space in between all four Silos.The radius of each Silo is 2 meters, the height is 10 meters.What would be the the total volume of the four Silos AND the space enclosed in between them?Could you please explain and show the steps taken to solve this problem. Much appreciated.Thanks.
radius = 2 m diameter = 4 m, when lay side by side they formed a 4 by 4 square. hence volume is 4 x 4 x 10 (height)
Q:Driving down the 8 west in AZ towards yuma. What are the chrome looking structues we drove by at a farm?
for animal feed silos

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