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Can anyone tell me what is the situation and needs that cause the invention of laser printer to be happened? why Gary Starkweather invented the laser printer? what is the factors? i cant find the answer anywhere.. i really need your help.. i will appreciate it.. ^^
And there are also child and toddler BJDs, Elf BJDs etc
the cursor went crazyghost?either they wanted me to edit my profile or read the community guidelinesyahoo's doing?
I like 3 for a few reasons.. I like the sea foam blue or the fire coral for the colors, and bandeau tops easily slide off.. No matter your cup size, trust me from personal experience lol But since that is a really cute suit I think you should get that one. Idk I just really like that suit :)
Hello again.My question this time is:There are supposedly 3 smoke detectors in my condo. Two are working. The third is missing. They are hardwired-type, that also needs a 9-volt battery.Question: For the room that is missing its unit, can I just install a battery-operated smoke detector that I can buy at Lowe's? And install it on the wall instead of on the ceiling where the old one was? [Previous owner took out the unit and all that's left is the mounting plate.]Or is there a law that requires that all three are hard-wired?And no, we do not have a maintenance guy here at our complex. There was one but to cut costs, they fired him.Thank you.PS - We are being inspected by the Fire Marshall next month for a mandatory fire check. I think they do this every 10 years.
A retrograde Mercury would push a person to re-visit, re-think, to go back and check what was written or said. I mean, if you are talking about a question or any form of communication, that certainly relates to Mercury and the retrograde would make the person take some steps back. Aries
With an electric trimmer.Which of these is necessary:Safety GogglesPaper MaskRubber GlovesEar DefendersTyvek Suit
I just quit my job as a room attendant.and yes i always wore gloves. I don't clean toilets without gloves and i wont change sheets that i know for sure people have had sex on without my gloves.
I was wondering if there are any smoke detectors you don't have to actually drill into a wall, for example one that would just stick on the ceiling?Where do I go to get the cheapest yet reliable smoke detector? Thanks a bunch
More like a steel pipe..
I live in an old house that has little insulation and it gets so cold at night that I have to sleep with three thick blankets. I want to make something like a blanket for the wall so heat will stay in and the cold will stay out. I think it's a good idea because I don't think that the landlord would want to send money on insulation for the apartments. Help
That rule came into effect in 2002. You may not remember that three guys on Ricky Rudd's crew were hurt pretty bad when they got hit by Ward Burton on pit road at the Homestead race in 2001. Many teams were using them at Atlanta the next week for the last race. At Daytona in 2002 everyone going over the wall in all the series had to wear a suit and helmet. Additionally they also mandated anyone transporting fuel in the garage area must be in a full nomex fire suit.
An acquaintance of mine brought this subject up, and it's bugged me for years. Does anyone have advice on what they would do?
Well what I had done would be First of all I don't think u should lock ur door, b/c ur mom has every right to know what ur doing, and u shouldn't be disrespectful to ur mom. U should treat her w/ respect if it weren't for her u wouldn't be here. And it's normal in all moms they r some times over protectiveand there r consequences to what u do, so that's y she is taking ur phone away, and ur lucky she will give it back in an HOUR!!! that's nothing, sometimes they take it away for months!!!
Can you burn amber resin in an oil warmer with a carier oil or something else?
Two gallons of paint. 1 Brush for the edges, 1 roller. A paint tray. 2 rolls of Tape. Do the edges first, cover the light switches, the electrical sockets and the edges of the ceiling with tape. Then use the roller and paint one coat, let it dry for like 3 hours, then do another coat. If you go to Home Depot or Lowes for the stuff, ask the guy in the paint department. He'll show you what you need.