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I work at a local cafe and my main job is to wash dishes. But we have to use really hot water to wash them with. My skin's sensitive and it kinda hurts. I asked if I could ware gloves to protect my hands but they said no. Is this a violation of work saftey? And if so, what can I do about it?
now now edna talking about long hoses mite give your heart a jilt come down lol
i need a really gooooood alarm for my car i have a falcon alarm on it now. when people hit my car it dont go off or when people sit on it or when they try to open it dont work
It depends on the company and their policies and definitions as to what misconduct is. In some places, tardiness is not a big deal. In others, it can be really detrimental to the business and an annoyance to other employees. (Would you want to be covering somebody else's shift when you come to work on time and expect to leave on time?) Sometimes, even if unexcused lateness is misconduct, it's unlikely that an employer would fire someone because of a 20 minute delay unless there were other issues with the employee. If she was habitually late or maybe her work was shoddy or she didn't get along well with other employees or the management. Of course, it may be that your friend's being fired was wrongful in that case maybe she has a suit for unemployment. But without knowing the circumstances, there's no way to tell whether her actions amounted to misconduct.
My brother wears glasses and he needs a visor for football but he doesn't see well without them so he needs a perscription visor.
I would add a flashlight, small sewing kit, a couple of plastic garbage bags, 2 cups, 2 bowls and 2 spoons and a knife.. I don't think it's over kill at all. Those last few items may seem, odd but the garbage bags are useful for laundry. And the cups, well I hate the juice cups at hotels. I'd also add 2 pair of flip flops, having an extra pair of shoes even flip flops is really good. Moist towelettes. and a hand towel or two. Hair brush/comb. disposable razer. Zip lock bags. rubber bands or hair ties. Note pad and pen. Take the pictures and scan them, you can dump then and scans of any documents onto a thumb drive and drop it in there. Yes I have something like this.
Ok so I have Plax and Fitz. Great so far. BUT this week Im thinking about playing the matchups. I normally stick to the studs, but these guys are on the road against two immensely stiff pass defenses. This is how it looks.Plax PIT - 5th least points allowed to WRFitz CAR - 2nd least points allowed to WRMy bench is:Josh Morgan vs. SEA - 2nd most points allowed to WRSantonio Holmes vs. NYG - 11 most points allowed to WRIve got strong RB matchups and a favorable QB, TE matchup. Im not up against a terribly strong opponent so I figure the gamble could pay off in points for league standings.Am I nuts to make the swap on both my starters for my bench?!
what rating companies? How about a little bit of specific information so we know what you are talking about?
My work PC blocks a lot of sites, including ESPN. But I'm bored today, you see, and I really want to read an article on ESPN. First one to post it here for me gets 10 points.It is the Pickups of the Week article by Matthew Berry. You go to espn , then hover over Fantasy and click Fantasy Football. Scroll down and you'll find a link to the article. If you're familiar with the article, he usually has an intro that he writes before he goes into the pickups section. If the whole article won't fit in the Y!A paste box, you can skip the intro.
Unless he was fired for some legally discriminatory reason (in which case he should go to the EEOC) he has no case. He's an employee at will and can be fired without cause, or for any reason not legally protected.
My darling wife, god bless her, put celery (a lot) down the garbage disposal. I snaked it, fixed it, done. Nope. Now the copper pipe that comes out of the sink hose elbow near the disposal that goes into the dishwasher hose is leakingand I can't see a way to fix it (it's threaded, but appears to be soddered on??) Is that possible? Any ideas how to fix the leak there? Thank you.
the fire department has ways to prove who`s fault it is. Or if it was an accident. if some one is to blame there is room for a law suit!
what is the difference between sensor & thermometer?
Business is about making as much money as possible. The way you make the most money is by having the best staff, amongst other things. If there are two people vying for the same job, at the same price, and one has the obvious upperhand, then you must choose the employee that best suits your company. It might make you feel bad, but if the guy was good enough to hire, there will be other oppurtunities elsewhere. However, you can't let your competition get the experienced guy because your feelings got in the way of making a rational business decision. Remember, you aren't throwing Guy 1 onto the streets, he will do well elsewhere, so don't feel bad about firing him. It's strictly business.
I wanna make a bong out of a sick tequila bottle I got in Mexico but don't kno how I would make the hole?!
haha yeah when im on the bus, sitting at the back and get throw up a little bit each time it goes over a bump - love it :)