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Car door locks do not walk on the road bumps and sometimes how to lock on what is going on
Landlord, if not a fault, then it is automatically locked, or is the door lock position deviated!
How to repair a car door lock
First think about what is the problem to think about after the door to remove the door to see inside the motor can not change the motor is not enough to see other locations such as the fuse is not professional maintenance people can not get ...
I am a taxi driver due to less experience in car washing today committed such a mistake! The At about ten o'clock this morning I drove to a car wash house to wash the car. As the passengers before the car more, waiting for the car washed, I drove out to continue to work! The Just out of time I have been concerned about the situation on the window, the car has been very high temperature! The But did not expect ten minutes after the passengers want to get off when they found the door open open this time I remembered the window did not freeze on the car lock is frozen !! Because the co-pilot is sitting young man with an inch to open the door The result is not open! The The whole car only co-pilot of the door is always open! The At that time I really do not know the supposed The If the future of the new driver encountered such a situation do not know the words do not know the gnaw ah hope to have a big brother can give me a big tips that the supposed ah! The First, thank you! The The The The More
Hair dryer blowing, locked on the ice just fine
In the case of a normal door switch, how long is the life of the door lock (piece of shackle that links the door lock)?
Usually for 15 years, the premise is that you do not deliberately pull hard
The other three doors can lock and then lock the lock on the lock, unlock the time when the four can open.
I also have this problem you put the door from the new off on the lock can also be transferred to the next lock
On the door, that is, the picture above the top corner of the metal stick with the same button called what? What's the function? What models are there?
Door lock, press the lock door, pull up to unlock, as long as not a cottage car, should have, usually by the central locking lock to prevent children to open the door or high speed when the door that open!
Santana 2000 Junjie car lock how to install
It is best not to do it yourself easy to stay safe to install
The door lock was prying, how to do
Hello there. , The door lock if you are prying the damage then you can replace the lock cylinder. Then need to be keyed. Or can not use, I hope my answer can help you, I wish you a happy car! [Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To