Copper Clad Steel Wire & CCS Wire China Product

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Copper Clad Steel Wire & CCS Wire China Product



1.With the excellent elongation:8%--15%
2.Copper content: 10% & 15%



CCA Wire Characteristics Comparison


CCA Wire

Copper Wire

Aluminum Wire

Copper volume




Density (g/cm3)




Length comparison with copper







DC resistivity




Tensile strength










very good







very good  

very good


   1) Standard carried out: SJ/T 11223-2000, ASTM B 566-93, copper clad
aluminum wire
   2) The wire is divided into two mechanical statuses: Annealed (A) and
Hard drawn (H), and two kinds of copper percentage in volume:
10% and 15%

(3)CCA applications:
   1) Inner conductor of CATV coaxial cable
   2) Inner conductor of 75ohms RF cable
   3) Inner conductor of leak cable
   4) Conductor of computer cable, LAN cable and others data cables
   5) Inner conductor of micro coaxial cable
   6) Strand wire
   7) Conductor of control cable
   8) Conductor of automotive cable
   9) Building distribution wire
   10) Busbar
   11) Fusing
   12) Radio frequency shielding




Copper Clad Steel Wire & CCS Wire China Product


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Q:if i use a 1200 watt power cable?
no make sure that the wire is not too big to fit into the amps terminals or u may have to use a reducer or a fuse distribution block then smaller wire to fit into the amp, the kit may have something to do that but something to consider, look at the amps specs my smaller amps will only accept 8 gauge size cable and that is tight 6 or 4 gauge would never fit but i use heavier gauge wire to a fuse block then 8 gauge in to the amp.
Q:How to connect the power cable pre-branch connector
Pre-branch cable detection: a In addition to routine pressure test, it is necessary to increase the insulation resistance test, with a shake table can be completed in each branch after the completion of injection The table measures the insulation in the finished product After the pressure is also used to detect the insulation of the table to prevent the water cooling process in the branch of the water caused by short-circuit, the general AC voltage test can not detect, can only increase a set of table detection process B Core conduction detection, In each branch body should be tested with the trunk of the conduction test to prevent the production process due to improper operation caused by the branch and the trunk circuit
Q:Amp power cable vs. ground cable?
1st bfore U substitute something U could attempt different approaches like an eq a crossover and masterfully tweak each and each physique of those gadgets completely to maximise your sound perhaps a capacitor do you have a overall performance alternator put in and a crimson-real batt. is that the final radio... U can tweak a equipment on a 8 gauge cord so do all U can do 1st reason U will might desire to alter amps if U flow to a a million.0 or a nil.0,,,
Q:Can we install control cable and power cable in one conduit?
it fairly is a huge-unfold run ability and administration cables in diverse conduit however the uncomplicated standards is voltage gradings.All cables upto 500volts may well be laid in a single conduit whether ability or conrol.In case of extreme voltage cables, with the aid of fact of elecromagnetic inducion result, diverse conduit is accompanied.
Q:What cables do I need for this graphics card?
You don't need any power cables. The board gets power from the mother board. You need a PCI-Express slot on your mother board. If you're asking about video cables to the monitor, it says in the listing... Interfaces 2 x DVI-I - 29 pin combined DVI , 1 x HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A , 2 x DisplayPort - Apple mini-DisplayPort You only need one of these unless you are running more than 1 monitor. I would look on your monitor and see what connections you have. (2) DVI-1 is common is older stuff, (1) HDMI is the newest technology and common for HDTV, (2) Apple ports for Apple enabled monitors.
Q:i need help on where to run my amp power cable from the battery to the amp on a 2006 f150 i cant find any?
ye this is just a common problem on many cars/tucks not just ford. did a custom install on my jeep and had to cut small hole in front left insulation under dash. it came right out into open space under hood and made great place to run wire. if u cant see any holes/spaces to run it then ur gonna have to cut a hole ro have someone do a pro install for you. (ultimately its cheaper easier to diy - need power drill and a big enuf bit to fit wire thru. im sure u can figure it out, just go slow and be carful, mine worked quik and easy and sounds great. good luck w/ all that - hope i helped
Q:How can I find FSP150-AAA compatible power cable for PC?
There appear to be various manufacturers of FSP150-AAA power supplies. You must have a substantial laptop or whatever that is powering. Most laptops have 65 to 90 watt PSU, my gaming laptop is 120 watt, and FSP150-AAA is 150 watt. Or is that an all-in-one PC where the computer is built into a screen? The one you link to is one of the ones I found in a web search.
Q:What power cable gauge do I use to hook up a car amplifier? Most amplifier kits appear to be under sized.?
Power Cable Gauge
Q:Buzzing noise made by power cable?
The buzzing noise is not that of a Laptop its rather that of the Power adapter of the Laptop so there is nothing to worry about it you laptop is as good as it can be. But i would suggest not to use that adapter for a longer time because it may cause trouble in voltage fluctuations .
Q:Lawn mower power cable cut - mowing?
so replace the power line.

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