Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes

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Product Description:

1. Product Introduction

Copper clad steel wire is a newly compound materials taking high quality steel with low carbon as basis core and processed with copper craftworks. Combined with high conductivity, good brazability, anti-corrosion and fine high frequency capacity of pure copper and high intensity and flexibility of steel wire. Copper clad steel wire resistibility equals with that of pure copper wire, but its tensile strength is two times than that of pure copper, In the communicational cable, with good mechnamic strength, light weight, and never distortion.


2. Product Characteristic

Copper clad steel wire can suffer blizzards and hails, and can work in the wide span, salt spray and easy corrosion environment. Copper clad steel wire improves the transmitting quality, and reduces the costs in avoid of distraction and distortion while transmitting information.Execution Standard: ASTM B 869-96(copper clad steel wire for CATV incoming line), ASTM B 452-93(copper-clad steel wire for electronic products).


3. Product Specification

15% Conductivity CCS.

The diameter(mm)

The thickness of copper (mm)


Standard aiameter

Allowance error

Standard thickness

Allowance error






























































Tensile strength(H) 827MPa(A) 380MPa

Elongation rate (H) 1.5%8%

4. Reference Picture


Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes

Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes

Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes


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