Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit

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Metal: SS Type: explosion proof flexible conduit Feature:: Explosion Proof
Certificated: ccc 9000 ce Model Number: BNG-S Packaging Details: Poly bag for each conduit
Detail:: 7-20 workdays after received the advanced payment Application: Electric Cable Wire protection Usage:: Electric Wires Installation

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Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit

Packaging & Delivery

Flexible conduit - noun profile
Flexible pipe, it is relative with rigid tube.There are these two transmission torque.When need to drive the axis of the two objects is not a level, can't use rigid pipe transmission, have to adopt flexible pipe.
Classification of flexible pipe -
Products are divided into taking over from the connection form and no take over.From the structure is divided into ordinary (outer stainless steel woven mesh, lining as the bellows, card sets of fixed on both ends), lined with net layer (outer stainless steel woven mesh, middle as bellows, inner lining for stainless steel woven mesh, card sets of fixed on both ends), lining section extending to type (the outer stainless steel woven mesh, middle as bellows, lining for extending to section, card sets of fixed on both ends), flanged type (small corrugated pipe or extending to flanged ends) and so on.Products are mainly in exhaust system, the flexible joint is effective in decreasing noise, the strengthening vibration fatigue resistance and so on.
Flexible pipe - technology applications
A new kind of flexible pipe, a pipe, its at least wall is composed of a molded combination, the molded the elementary element of the combination is as follows: Ⅰ. 40-80 weight portions of polyamide and Ⅱ. 60-20 weight of elastic polymer, its main chain basic is composed of carbon atoms, which Ⅰ and Ⅱ weight of the sum of 100, the pipe for water, water, alcohol, or pure alcohol liquid catheter.The molded combination can extract composition is very small, especially suitable for automotive wind window irrigator catheter.


Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit


Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit

Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit


Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit

Explosion-proof Braided stainless steel flexible conduit


1.Poly bag for each conduit 

2. Woven bag for 20 pcs SS conduit 

3. As client's request.

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