Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

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Item specifice:

material: pvc certification: ce ccc iso type: explosion proof flexible conduit
protection level: IP54 IP65* IP66* Ex-mark: Exde IIB/IICT6/T5/T4,DIPA20TA,T6 inlet thread size:: G1/2" -G4
corrosion proof: WF1 WF2 rated voltage: 220V, 380V

Product Description:

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Explosion-proof flexible pipe: 1, explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe flame resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, flexible explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe, firm structure, etc.
2, length, thread specification can be made specially according to user needs.Such as NPT thread, metric thread etc.
Note: mark thread specification should indicate the internal and external screw thread."M" said outside the wire, "F" said silk
Such as: BNG - 700 x G3/4 (in)/G1 (outside) significance for the length of 700, end of female G3/4, for the external thread at one end of G1 rubber sheathed flexible connecting pipe.
3, explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe conforms to GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard request.
Chinese explosion-proof flexible pipe optimal point fire resistant, corrosion resistance, resistance to water quality IEC60079 standard type number BNG - 700 x G3/4
Explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe
For the dangerous sites, 1, 2, 1.


Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit


Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit

Plastic coated cable explosion proof flexible conduit


1.Poly bag for each conduit 

2. Woven bag for 20 pcs SS conduit 

3. As client's request.

Explosion proof flexible conduit's application:


²  Explosive gas atmosphere Zone 1 and Zone 2.

²  Zone 20 and Zone 21 and dust hazardous area Zone 22.

²  It is widely used in oil drilling, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, and other dangerous environments; and marine oil platform, oil tankers, and other places.


Explosion proof flexible conduit's features:


²  It have the high impact, aging-resistant, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good flexibility and solid joint.

²  The length of flexible pipe can be production according to the customer's request.

²  It is suitable for GB3836, IE60079, GB12476.1, IEC61241 standard.

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