AH type explosion proof conduit junction box

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Mterila: carbon steel type: explosion proof junction box Model Number: AH
Protection Level: IP 67 Ex-mark: Exd IIBT6 ,ExeIIT6,DIPA20TA,T6 Application:: Oil exploitation, chemical industry, military industry and so on
Type: Outlet Box External Size: G1/2-G2 Color:: White
corrosion-proof: WF1

Product Description:

AH type explosion proof conduit junction box 


 1.Hazardous:division 1&2,or 20.21&22.


2.Explosive gas atmospheres:class IIA.IIB.IIC or inflammable dust environment.


3.Indoor or outdoor (IP65.IP66*)


4.Temperature class :T1-T4/T5/T6.


5.The Circular Ex junction Box can be widely uesd in the fields of oil ,chemical industry, spaceflight ,war industry and so on.


 AH type explosion proof conduit junction box 

1.Shell made of high strength aluminum alloy casting off the surface after blast cleaning by high voltage electrostatic spay.Shell   compact structure,high density material strength explosion-proof performance,the surface of plastic power adhesion ability with good anti-orrosion,the surface smooth,elegant appearance.


2.Inlet or outlet of the Circular Ex Junction Box has many kinds of modes and specifications.


3.Thread specification can be specially designed.


4.Wiring with steel tube or cable.


5.Circular design,more space saving.


6. with  four  connecting terminal 


AH type explosion proof conduit junction box

AH type explosion proof conduit junction box

AH type explosion proof conduit junction box

AH type explosion proof conduit junction box


AH type explosion proof conduit junction box

AH type explosion proof conduit junction box

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