Mechanical Steel Slab Billet Clamp

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Mechanical steel slab billet clamp Mechanical steel slab billet clamp Mechanical steel slab billet clamp
Mechanical steel slab billet clamp

The billet clamp adopts the lever principle, without external force, flexible, safe and reliable lifting. Lifting device USES the high strength and high wear resistant alloy steel manufacturing, long service life. The structure of the billet hanging clamp fixed and adjustable stepless adjustable height, to adapt to the different specifications and different layers of lifting billet. The connection forms of crown with customers according to actual design.

Billet clamp is mainly composed of hanging beam, connecting rod, opening and closing mechanism, synchronizer, clamp arm, support plate and jaws of seven parts.

Hanging beam
Hanging beam is connected with day coupling components, has rings shackle type connection, sling type connector and lug type three kinds of structure. Rings hanging shackle type connection shaft, make the force of the spreader to improve, but also avoids the decoupling phenomenon when loading and unloading of steel billet, reducing the height of the jig itself, is conducive to use low places. Sling hoisting shaft type connection, make the stress of the jig is better, but the height of the sling itself is big, need to be used in the high places, for hanging hook used artificial auxiliary. Lifting lug type connection shaft, can directly by the crane operator, but need to make the sling when hoisting operation, and lower the hook until no stress, so easily lead to decouple the crane hook.

Connecting rod
The connecting rod is a lifting beam and clamp arm of the fittings.
Opening and closing mechanism
Manual lifting lever type opening and closing mechanism, double hook type (to be automatic), (automatic) single hook type, and form, such as type (automatic) the lock. Automatic opening and closing mechanism does not need any external power supply, the gravity of the jig itself automatically open and close. Close the lubrication mechanism: should add lubricating oil regularly (2 ~ 3 days) (or oil), lubrication. Forbidden to add too much grease!

Synchronizer is guaranteeing each clamp fixture arm synchronous movement of the device.

Clamp arm
Clamp arm is the main power of the fixture components, the billet pick up through it

Support plate
The plate is support of billet clamp. Plate is supported on the billet surface to ensure the open-close mechanism of billet clamp smooth action

Jaws have pin connection type; dovetail connection type and tank type plug type structure, etc. Jaws are the main parts; direct contact with steel billet determines the reliability of billet clamp clamping steel billet


Flexible, safe and reliable lifting
High strength and high wear resistant alloy steel manufacturing
Can be adapted to the different specifications and different layers of lifting billet



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