Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

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Product Description:

A. Small range

1. Description of Check weigher small measuring range series

This series product is used to perform high speed, high precision test. It is applicable to beverage, food, health

products, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemicals and other fields.


2. Technical parameters of Check weigher small measuring range series

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

* Within allowable error range, the precision is subject to the weight, size and conveying state of the weighed


* Subject to the design and size of all weighing conveying belt.


B. Large range


1. Description of Large measuring range series

This series product can easily integrate high speed, high precision test with traditional conveying device. It performs

completeness check for large package and weight collection for large package, bags or tanks. It is applicable to

weight checking for all kinds of automatic package, logistics, daily chemicals, chemical industry and light industry.

2. Technical parameters

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

Check weigher measuring series machines check-weighing

3. Functional characteristics

- Long-term use, guaranteeing precision, no need for daily correction.

- Auto Dynamic zero - tracking technology.

- Adopts built-in hinge design, it is free of safety blind angle, and is with rapid installation and disassembly of belt.

- Professional human-computer interface design.

- Concise user parameter setting, auto parameter adjustment; the parameter setting can be completed only by input product parameters and weighing requirements.

- Accurate and efficient excluding mechanism.

- Humanized function; the product database can save 1000 kinds of products.

- Password protection function can guarantee unauthorized can’t revise the data.

- It has data statistics function, supports data export, USB and Ethernet interface.


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