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Feature of Plastic Chiar

Material: PP Plastic seat and back, wooden legs


Color: red,black, white, yellow etc

Plastic Injection Mould


modern design and beautiful shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

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Q:Does the package include carpentry furniture?
Half a pack: refers to the contractor and part of a package material does not contain material decoration, including: Wall plasterer and Hydropower Engineering and material, laying tile paving material, and cement mortar material containing tile, wood production and material, paint and cement and lacquerer material, part of the installation project. Half package contained materials: cement, bricks, sand, waterproof materials, water supply and drainage pipe, wire, tube, cassette, or matches the big board, multilayer board, calcium silicate board, panel, wood keel, wooden lineBars, nail glue, hinge, rubber chain, hanging clothes rod, putty powder, wooden paint, cement paint.
Q:It's hot. The clothes in the cupboard are damp. How do you handle it?
Try to hang the clothes for collection. The clothes hang up so that the clothes can be ventilated as much as possible. Note that cotton clothing is easy to absorb water. It can be sealed with a waterproof bag made of film, plastic or nylon. It can be stored in the wardrobe and placed with a small amount of desiccant.5, the use of dehumidification drugs, in addition to camphor pills, anti mildew cakes and other commonly used mildew proof products, bamboo charcoal, charcoal products and other moisture absorbent products are also possible.
Q:The wardrobe door hinge bend small bend difference
Hinges are also called hinges. Large and medium bending refers to the appearance of this type of hinge. The biggest difference between these three hinges is that the function is the same except for the size of the installation space.
Q:The room is small. I want to make a wardrobe and a computer desk. Well, at that right angle
You can design a multi-functional wardrobe yourself and spend more money.
Q:Is it good to buy a wardrobe or a solid wood wardrobe?
Under normal circumstances, finished wardrobe is the 3 most beautiful inside, you can have a variety of wood, style choice. The problem is that it can not be customized, and the finished furniture is mass produced by fixed style, fixed size and factory. More suitable for furniture style requirements of a more unified family, you can buy a complete set of finished furniture.
Q:How do you remove moisture from your wardrobe?
Lime: rainy days, can be wrapped in cloth or sacks, quicklime, placed indoors, to keep indoor air dry. Lime should be the cheapest influx of goods, but also can be seen everywhere, residential sold in place can buy Cement sand.
Q:How do you know the installation plans of furniture and wardrobe?
The first installation is not so good if that is not clear, the box open all the small group first put aside the cabinet, back against the wall base put with screw gestures, attention and distinction in the side of the baffle, baffle and the side of the nail ding on the fixed side, because the position is dead wrong is not installed, so long as they can with the side of general.
Q:Does the wardrobe do it yourself or do you buy ready-made ones?
Custom furniture is generally aimed at special Huxing users will consider, because now buy small Huxing housing more and more users, so custom furniture is also more and more popular. Custom furniture is based on the needs of users, special staff after the door-to-door measurement, fully in line with user space, and more space saving. Custom furniture is fixed by the factory after each plate door installation, so it is nailed on the wall, but with something fixed, and for this piece of space tailored to the mobile, so it is not very convenient, but can be replaced.In terms of quality and style, custom furniture is guaranteed. Is the custom furniture using wood particle board, are generally large E0 board, quality is guaranteed, but the bearing capacity for the cabinet or the Chinese fir wood. Custom furniture is the factory, so the basic styles are simple and elegant, although not finished furniture so other color, because the machine is done, so some general details of work is good.
Q:Wooden Ark Ark itself produces bug how to do?
Put camphor balls in the wardrobe, camphor balls in the wardrobe, also can use household insecticide spray, with the door closed, because these things are volatile, and harmful to the human body. Now Home Furnishing jewelry stores will also sell the mothproof agent, this medicinal up is a stress, generally there is trace toxic elements, but also away from children. When buying, please clearly recognize the product logo, as far as possible to buy clear identification, there is a clear product composition, manufacturers and suggested use of products. Don't blindly only smell size to determine the mothproof effect. Because mothproofer generally want to add some spices to suppress camphor or pungent smell of two chlorobenzene. The smell of the mothproofing agent, the effect is not necessarily a good moth. Camphor products to maintain long-term efficacy, must be replaced regularly, usually 2-3 months is appropriate. Even if this product is non-toxic, it is best not to put it directly in the clothes, the correct way is to wrap breathable toilet paper on the top of the wardrobe. With small package can be used directly, and some small packages are plastic bags, but also with small holes in order to be effective. Suspension and various pieces of combined use, the effect is better.
Q:What about the sliding door of the wardrobe?
Look at the sliding door frame, currently on the market wardrobe, sliding door profiles are mainly divided into aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum titanium alloy and recycled aluminum. The well-known brand manufacturers of high-quality wardrobe profiles are used to push the door made of aluminum and magnesium, titanium alloy, so there is a guarantee in the toughness of the mass, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm, can meet the bearing normal wardrobe door, can use for a long time. And some small factories, workshops, in order to save costs and seek higher profits, the use of poor quality, recycled aluminum, tenacity and service life can not be guaranteed. Aluminum magnesium alloy profiles are mostly used color around the closet door, not on the surface with other colour. Some black businessmen to shoddy, in the regeneration of aluminum surface plating way to impersonate alloy. So when consumers buy the sliding door, to demonstrate whether businesses understand the product section profile is the true material, the mass ratio of recycled aluminum alloy heavy, sound is ringing, can listen to the sound by striking to discern the true material.

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