Plastic Garden Chair

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Product Description:

Feature of Plastic Chair

Material: PP Plastic seat and back, wooden legs


Color: red,black, white, yellow etc

Plastic Injection Mould


modern design and beautiful shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

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Q:The 16 paragraph of the new imperial disassemblyseat plastic bag on the seat was found what scraping a mouth, when the 4S shop to repair it first
Windscreen wiper and washing check / wiper position / wear check;4. Visually inspect the outside of the body, the body under the protection of parts, pipes / hoses (exhaust - fuel lines - brake lines), rubber parts (dust cover, bushings, bushings, etc.) status;
Q:How many pieces of plastic chair have been folded too tightly?
The stool upside down, feet below the stool stool knock with a knife blade or a hard object
Q:Are plastic stools expensive?
A necessary living article, primarily for people to sit, rest, or climb.
Q:The injection machine hits the plastic chair, starts to be all right, after cooling has the white mark in the middle, moreover some colors have. Yes
You see if the stripping is smooth.It may be the phenomenon of "top white" or "stress mark" that occurs when the product is not taken out smoothly and causes the product to come out with the mold.
Q:Plastic daily necessities, plastic buckets and plastic basins belong to the category of trademarks
A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the source of goods or services. Each registered trademark is designated for a particular commodity or service. It is for trademark retrieval, review and management needs, the certain common attributes of the product together for a class, all the goods and services are divided into 45 categories, the formation of the trademark classification "trademark registration with the classification of goods and services".
Q:What is the range of metal and plastic composites used in aerospace seats?
Carbon fiber composites are widely used in aerospace, such as rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft because of their unique and outstanding physical and chemical properties. For example, made of carbon fiber and plastic composite manufacturing aircraft, satellites, rockets and spacecraft, not only large thrust, small noise, and because of its lighter quality, so low power consumption, can save a lot of fuel.The carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, aviation, aircraft and spacecraft structures because of its high temperature resistance, light and hard mechanical characteristics. A structural material such as aircraft: the main wing, tail, body; two construction materials: aileron, rudder, elevator, decorative material, blade plate, truss, such as brake pads and helicopters; the rocket exhaust cone, engine cover; satellite structure, solar panels and antenna rocket and missile shell, etc.. At present, small business machines and helicopters carbon fiber composite material consumption has accounted for about 55%, military aircraft about 25%, large aircraft accounted for about 20%.
Q:Choose children's safety seats, plastic skeleton or steel alloy skeleton?
As you think about it, one is steel, one is plastic, which is squeezed and collided, and it is certainly easier for plastics to be reimbursed. Steel skeleton seats are recommended for American DIONO, travel man, iron man are good.
Q:The plastic chairs are dyed. How do you clean them?
With a strong transparent adhesive off, can also use the balm and other softening reoccupy soft cloth wipe, try it!
Q:Is the kindergarten desk chair good and plastic good?
No obvious water chestnut, will not hurt the child, wood preservative treated, it is very good
Q:Plastic chair broken, how to repair, seek an expert to help?
The general plastic chair is broken, so don't fix it!

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