MDF Modern Bedroom Furniture Set

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Product Description:

Product Name : Modern Bedroom Furniture Set


4-Door Wardrobe : 1800*580*2200cm

King Size Bed : 1880*2053*990cm

Nigtstand : 548*440*400cm

Dresser With Glass Mirror : 746*500*750cm

Dresser Stool : 396*300*400cm

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Q:What about a bug in the closet?
Wash and dry. The wooden cabinet sub worms, can be on a sunny day, the wardrobe moved out to dry, brush or cotton dipped in oil painted again after two or three hours in the sunny drying besmear again, continue to dry, later see insects are dead in the hole, and then later washing powder or liquid detergent can be washed and dried.
Q:What's the standard size of the wardrobe?
Pants rack space should be retained with 650mm, if you use a hanger, you should retain at least 700mm.4, plywood and plywood spacing at 400-600mm, too small and too large, is not conducive to placing clothes.5, wardrobe depth in 530-620mm, generally for women, wardrobe depth in 580mm, plus the door, the entire wardrobe in the width of 600mm, this width of clothing, there will be no big problem.6, short, set minimum to have the height of 800mm.7, long clothes can not be lower than the height of 1300mm, otherwise it will be towed to the bottom of the cabinet.8, if do slippery door, want to stay in the sliding door position 75 - 80mm slide position.
Q:500, a set of two door wardrobe can use it?
Note the wardrobe of the material to buy wardrobe to watch the material is solid wood or wood board, colored tree beech, maple, maple, oak, walnut, different materials, the price is different, according to their actual needs and. The height of the door panel thickness 5. thickness and height is worth your attention to see, generally the thickness of the plate to reach 18MM, 25MM or more thick, less than the thickness of the plate type variable; and the single plate height of 2.8 meters is best. Note the pulley device 6. enough to buy a wardrobe to multiple sliding doors or drawer, see the work pulley device is smooth, whether there is friction sound obvious, slightly shaking the door, detecting whether the connections are solid enough.
Q:How to wash the black pen on the closet
If it is oily water, wipe with cotton dipped in a small amount of solvent nitro thinner, do not use too much, because the solvent may of furniture leather has certain corrosive effect, clear handwriting after removing solvent.
Q:Wardrobe depth
When installation should pay attention to the clothes hanging rod and the hanging rod must be taken in the actual internal standard wardrobe into the deep, and the distance above the board must have only 4 to 6 cm distance, the size must be satisfied, because the distance is too short, then put the clothes rack will be more laborious; the distance is too long, and a waste of space.
Q:The wardrobe smells so heavy. How can I get rid of it?
Put some activated carbon packets, so that activated carbon adsorption odor, these bags should be constantly replaced, put in the sun. When people are not at home, open the cupboard door and air the windows. It takes a long time to get rid of the smell. It's troublesome. If you can't do it, you'd better throw this wardrobe away and change it for better quality. Human health is more important than anything. Some people can still earn money for new ones; without health, nothing is left
Q:What size and height do you need for a wardrobe?
The size of the wardrobe and pants rack is mainly affected by the depth and width inside the wardrobe. Wardrobe depth is generally between 600MM - 650MM, width is not strictly limited, as long as the wardrobe to ensure the strength of the wardrobe balance of force on it.
Q:What is the area of the interior budget cabinet?
Expand area is not the area of the cabinet, because some cabinets are not completely embedded in the wall, there is decorative surface of the paint will be counted. The cabinet should not do panel, can pastefire board, Boeing board, plywood and so on, those who do not need paint (paint smell inside the cabinet is difficult to disperse).The area of expansion is the area of the surface of the paint, not *2. Can only be measured by the length of the length multiplied by the width, there is no special formula.Latex paint to be simple calculation, is the floor area of *2.5, but that is used for the budget, not accurate (because each house doors and windows are different, indoor cabinets do not do the same).
Q:Bedroom wardrobe how to choose?
From the classical to the modern style of temperament, from rural pastoral style to the heavy metal style, there are many different characteristics of the wardrobe can be for you to choose from, it should be decided according to the hobby room in the bedroom, the overall style of the decoration and your personal.
Q:Decoration questions: ask the specific size: how much wardrobe, how deep bookshelf, kitchen countertops to higher (and more to ask)
To answer your question, the depth of 60 cm to the wardrobe, bookshelf depth is 30-40 cm, the height of the kitchen table mainly to see your family to their height, the average height is 60 cm width is generally between 60-75, the seat chair height is 45 cm, the height of the table is 75 cm and the thickness of the floor (cement floor brick) 8-15 cm, the thickness of the gate is generally 4-8 cm, the height of the bed (sleeping bed height) 45-50 cm, length is a mattress position (150X200 or 180X200 cm) bed width for different bed set, the location of the general mattress this is the conventional size two, refrigerator thickness is about 60 cm. I'm in the furniture business. You can ask me any questions. The size of the furniture is clear to me.
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Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
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Nearest Port Tianjin
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
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