Hotel Banquet Chairs

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Feature of Stackable Banquet Chairs

Material:Steel and Fabric



Package of Stackable Modern Banquet Chairs

Inside packing: glass and leather parts are covered with foam or plastic bag, chromed and spraying parts are enwind with fabric outside packing cartons.Or as requesed.

Normally 15pcs per stack. 820pcs for 1x20'GP while 2000pcs for 1x40'GP.

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Q:The wardrobe smells so heavy. How can I get rid of it?
Should be able to sew a cloth bag, these will be poured into the cabinet, you can absorb the smell. The smell in the closet, mainly material, is glued together. The gum contains formaldehyde, which is especially bad for the body. Rural air is good, good open doors and windows ventilation, hoping to spread faster, really not, or suggest you throw away.
Q:The length of the wardrobe, the long dress area and the short clothing area, and also the size of the wardrobe
His area is mainly placed such as coat, coat, dress, jacket, dress length dress. Height is between 140cm-150cm, not less than 130cm. Width is based on the number of clothes to make reasonable arrangements, in general, according to the number assigned, each person in 40cm or so is enough.
Q:What kind of board is used for custom-made wardrobe?
Solid wood particle boardSolid wood granule board is made of particleboard, and it is an upgraded version of particleboard". Wood particle board is various branches, small logs, fast-growing timber cutting substrate preparation into a certain size of wood, then dried and mixed with non formaldehyde adhesive, curing agent, waterproofing agent, a kind of artificial board under high temperature and high pressure pressed, because of its profile similar to granular, so called wood particle board.Advantages: the internal texture is uniform, than ordinary particleboard and powder density board holding nail force, bending resistance, pressure and stability are stronger. In addition, the performance of the solid wood particle board is better than that of mdf. This sheet of wood is by high temperature and high pressure sterilization treatment, so not easy to mildew and insect, is the best material for the furniture industry.Based on the above comparison, the environmental protection, compressive resistance and stability of the core board are far from meeting the needs of modern consumers. Multilayer solid wood in environmental protection and stability, resistance to be able to meet the market demand of modern custom closet, but the cost is higher, not mass as the custom closet plate, can only be used as part of high-end customer demand. Only MDF and solid wood particle board, these two plates are relatively more suitable for the current development of China's wardrobe industry needs. By contrast in physical properties of wood particle board, decorative performance, processing performance and environmental performance are better than MDF, which can satisfy the modern consumers for custom wardrobe more demanding requirements, will be inevitable trend of the future furniture plate used.
Q:Wardrobe and wall still leave a crack, how to fill?
Apply 108 glue at the gap, and then attach a glass cloth or a leather note.4, scraping 821 putty 2-3 times, with the original wall smooth, dry with sandpaper polished flat.5, configuration metope coating, after coating configuration, brush a model first, after dry and metope color contrast, the color is close, chromatic aberration is not big, ability besmear brush
Q:Decoration questions: ask the specific size: how much wardrobe, how deep bookshelf, kitchen countertops to higher (and more to ask)
Cabinets are generally 700mm high, 550 ~ 600mm deep; ceiling is not more than 300mm, and now generally hang 180mm ~ 220mm; doors are generally 40mm thick; laying wood floors and paving tiles, after completion of the general 50mm thick! The rest depends on what you bought!
Q:Wardrobe installed, sliding doors, drawers are blocked,what is the reason?
Suggestion: after the cabinet design time to know the size of the sliding door. Also, such as your cabinets finished do sliding door to measure, it's you. Can measure the size of the door lai. This problem can be completely avoided. (20mm middle leaf increased on both sides of narrow 20mm can open the door. Besides, both sides of the door press down the sides of the middle door.
Q:What about a lot of white powder in the closet?
Probably due to dampness, mildew, and in my wardrobe
Q:How about the resurgence of wardrobe?
If you find a mold, in addition to cleaning the mold with a cloth, you need to brush it again on the varnish, so that it can effectively prevent mildew. Mildew is mostly caused by paint problems. It can also be cleaned with vaseline and then cleaned with a clean cloth.
Q:3 meters long wardrobe is not a cabinet, a cabinet to do?
No matter how big the cabinet is composed of a small cabinet, each cabinet is composed of different sizes of small cabinets, 3M cabinets are generally composed of 4-5 group of small cabinets, do not believe it, can Home Furnishing 100 ask designer will know
Q:Does anyone know what to pay attention to when choosing a wardrobe?
Hardware accessories group if the usual use of more places, mainly the border and slipperyWheels, door hinges, and drawer guides.Five, design functionDesign function is mainly to see whether it is reasonable, both beautiful and convenient. classificationAlso be clear.

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