Should I pay attention to the size of the wardrobe? How big is it?
Hanging coat height of 120-160 cm; combined with their own height, as much as possible, an...
The height of the bedroom closet?
As the structure of each unit is different, the storage space of the cabinet is the bigges...
Wardrobe back and cabinet back is generally how to deal with it, ah, do not have to brush the wall?
Analyze according to the actual situation.If you are using a plate or wood finish on-site ...
Home decoration, wallpaper or wallpaper is good to install first?
You are the custom closet, then ask to help you do the wardrobe shop, if their wardrobe is...
Paint wardrobe knocked off paint how to do?
If you want to be more convenient, faster and less expensive, you can use some decorative ...
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