How many kinds of boards do cabinets and wardrobes have? What materials are they?
The common types of panels (1), solid wood: natural wood cutting, drying, planing, paintin...
How about the square meters of the wardrobe?My wardrobe is 1.6 meters high, *0.6 meters deep, how many square meters does it count?
According to years of experience: width * high * base (2.6~3.2) = expansion area, this bas...
What boards do you use for closets and cupboards?
Solid wood panels, solid wood with wood, material derived from natural trees, no environme...
How do you measure the area of a wardrobe carpenter?
Second: wardrobe projection area. That is, the wardrobe's height * length.Third: wardrobe ...
What is the size of a child's wardrobe?
In the choice of wardrobe panels, we should try to select natural materials, and the less ...
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