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can the heely‘s wheels wear out? does it matter what kind of ground your skaying on? if they does wear out, where would you get noew wheels
I doubt that heelies damage your brain, unless you slip and hit your head on the ground. I imagine that the wheels wear out about as quickly as skateboard wheels, which is basically what they are. Obviously, rough surfaces will wear them out quicker than smooth floors or tile.
Last I researched, there was 4 wheel drive and Rear Wheel Drive.Toyota Corollas have front wheel drive? What does that mean?
front wheel drives means the front wheels pulls the car and a 4 wheel drive all 4 wheels pulls the car.
When the car is hanging back to the right direction is not the left side of the wheel, so as to ensure that the car is down to the right?
Reversing the right side of the right to hit the car to the left to go to the left, left to the left to the left to the left to go to the left.
for ps2What games work while using the wheel?
Logitech PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is the best it is made for that game and will give u the best experience possible
my old bike uses 27 X 1.25 wheels I‘m wondering if I‘m able to switch the wheel set out for 700 C wheels without too much of a problem its a takara road bike created in the 80‘s
The radius of a 700c wheel is 4mm smaller than a 27 x 1 1/4 (not 27 x 1,25) wheel. If your brake pads can be adjusted downward 4 mm you can use 700c wheels. Be warned that current 700c wheels have wider rear axle spacing than your old wheels may have so you will have to spread the rear dropouts for the wheel to fit
How to do skidding skating
Causes of wheel slip Tire skid is the tire to reduce the adhesion to the road, driving away from the driving direction caused. The reason is the driver to take measures due to improper, such as brake too fast, too fast or too fast to play the direction.
Help, the wheel was stolen one, the size of the impact of it?
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how did the wheel influence, change, or otherwise shape history?
The prime historical impact of the wheel was the mechanical advantage and the mobility it provided. Farmers could move crops in large quantities. It made transportation possible. People could travel farther than they could either walk or ride If you took the wheel out of modern life, there wouldn't be much left.