Wheel Loader for Sale (ZL30)China

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 Wheel Loader for Sale (ZL30)China

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZL30


Type:Medium-sized Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Transmission:Power Transmission

Walking Mode:Wheeled


Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge

Engine Power:74~147kw


Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000



Bucket Capacity:1.8m3

Rated Load:3000kg


Movable Arm Lifting Time:5.5s

Diesel Engine:Lr6108gf1a


Dumping Height:3160mm

Dumping Distance:1052mm


Total Weight:10200kg

Overall Dimensions (L*W*H):7135X2420X3300


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:CE ISO



HS Code:84295100


Production Capacity:50/Month

Product Description

Dongfanghong LR6108G6FIA or Yuchai YC6108G diesel engine is applied as it features bigger power reserve, stronger power, and bigger torque reserve coefficient, fuel features economical and environmentally protected.
Torque-varied device features high efficiency and big torque-varied coefficient; as it equips with higher teliable gear box and drive axis, it comes with bigger traction and longer life.
As fully hydraulic turning system equips with equidistant hinged car rack, frontal and rear wheel have the same track, eliminating hermit power loss while turning and it features easier and more flexible operation, has more stable performance.
As rear car rack is applied to single-plate T-shaped girder, so it features more stability, higher reliability, bigger interior space and easier maintenance.
Double-pipe tie rod construction features bigger up-growth force, higher unloading position and bigger unloading distance. More flexible turning at the corner road and more time saving and higher efficient operation.
Z-type connection rod, high digging force and high shovel efficiency.
Luxurious car is sound insulated, heat insulated, broad visual field, seat chair specialized for engineering machinery features superior damping performance and comfort while driving and riding.
Expand torque-varied oil heat radiator and water one. Make it high efficiently radiated, so as to suit for heavy load and high temperature operation environment.
Integral operation platform, streamline design and humanized operation layout, equipped with new type of electronic instrument, capable of quickly monitoring the working condition of the whole unit.
Standard heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioner optional. All specialized operation devices should be selected out and configured with.

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Machine Parameters
Bucket capacitym31.8
Rated loadkg3000
Movable arm lifting times6.5
Three-item-sum times12
Max. digging up forcekn90
Grade ability°28
Min. turning radius (external rear wheel center)mm4300
Min. ground clearancemm400
Fuel tank capacityL150
Wheel distancemm1500
Shaft distancemm2350
Hydraulic oil tank capacityL130
Diesel engine
4108 add pressure
Rated powerkw74.9
Specific fuel consumptiong/Kw.h≤232
Traveling speed
Speed of forward gears
6.5~36 km/h (Gear I – Gear IV)
Speed of reverse gears
7.5~23 km/h (Gear I – Gear II)
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)mm6300*1950*3000
Overall weight(kg)5500
Operation range
Dumping heightmm3300

Wheel Loader for Sale (ZL30)China

Wheel Loader for Sale (ZL30)China

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