Plastic speed hump for road and highway

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Product Description:

Specification of rubber speed stopper:

1. Made of Rubber, abrasion resistant, durable
2. Durability: >2years
3...Easy to install
4. Decelerate vehicle speed
5. Middle: 250*350*50mm
6. Sides: 175*350*50mm
7. Weight: 14kg/m
8. Reflective material: The reflective effect is better than the diamond grade reflective sheeting film
9. Compression resistance: > 200mpa
10. Durability: > 2years
11. Fade resistant: > Grade 7

Advantages of Our Rubber Speed Hump:

Specialized designed, notable decelerate effect, without noise and uncomfortable feeling.
It is easy for firm installation.
It can lower speed effectively when car passes by.
High intensive rubber, firm and useful, good anti-impact ability.
Set up flexibly according the request of the customer, convenient installment.
It's warming color, black and yellow, affect in day and night, with the reflection is eye-catching and enhance the security even in the dark, attack the attention of the drivers to decelerate successfully.
The entire speed humps are passed the test of the relative National Standards.
Widely used, one of the newest traffic safe productions, a good helper of the Manager Usage: Mainly used for all road's branch, entrances of toll, underground garage, city intersection, highroad crossing, toll gate, garden village, parking lot, and gas station etc.

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