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Plastic Road Stud:
1.High quality Plastic ABS
2.Light weight & easy to handle
3.Solid color & Visible
4.Short delivery time

About The Product

Road studs provide effective night guidance during night hours and in adverse weather conditions. The studs

are easily visible and can be heard and felt due to the rumble when a vehicle crosses over them. Available in different aluminum and rigid plastic sizes for both centre division and to delineate edges, these studs are highly impact proof and known for their reflectivity.

Product Description


Item Name

Plastic Road Stud

Item No.











Single Side


Ideal for all kinds of road situation that needs warming.


1.Strong pressure resistance, shock resistance, high temperature resistance.

2.Fix firmly the product by epoxy resin glue or screws.

3.Well Anti-corruption: water-resistant, oil-resistant, chemical material resistant.

4.Reduces injury and damage.

5.Good ability of reflection, creates an effect of diamonds, so attractive under the lights that the make driver feel the reflection at 150-200m far away. Very useful for driving in the night.

6.Easy installation, no maintenance, environmental, friendly, no pollution

7.Ideal for highways, parking lots, roads and similar isolated or stand-alone traffic applications.

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