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Mainly used in the entrance of the highway, the crosing of the roads and the tol station to alarm the drivers, and to help avoid the occurrence of car accidents.

With a history of 19 years, our company is among the top five manufacturers of road safety products.  We have 200 staff and two facrories of 20 thousand square meters. We manufacture various road safety prodcucts like rubber speed hump, PE/PVC traffic cone, traffic board, rubber corner guard, etc. Our products have been exported frequently to Europe,  Oceania, South America and Middle East.  


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Length:  1500mm
Height: 1200mm

Item Name

Plastic Water Filled Barrier

Model No.




Top Width


Bottom Width




Net Weight


Water Capacity



  1. One time forming, cold resistant, hot resistant, anti-impact, not easy to be old.

  2. The color of the bucket is bright orange and it is eye-catching with the reflective sheeting at night.

  3. With water in it, its buffering elasticity is better; Without water, it’s easy to remove.

Minimum Order:    100

Origin:    China

Packing:        Woven Bag

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