Rubber wheel stop, car stop, parking stop

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Product Description:


Length 210mm
Height 130mm
Bottom Width 100mm
Weight 1.9kg

Rubber wheel stop, car stop, parking stop

Item Name

Wheel Stop

Model No.






Bottom Width





Wheel Stop is among our mass production. We make thousands of thousands of Wheel Stops every year and the wheel stoppers sell very well both home and abroard.

        For exporting, we use the specific rubber of high quality.   So you can be ensured that the quality of our Wheel Stops are guaranteed.

        What's more, Wheel Stops sell at very reasonable prices, and so it's very economical to use rubber traffic cones.


1. High intensity rubber, firm and endurable, special design.

2. Fix the position accurately, easy installation

3. Black and yellow, international standard, bright color, effectively catch the attention of the drivers

4. It is widely used in parking lot to protect the corners of the wall and the cars

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