Gutter Guard ( 6x6mm 3.8x3.8mm)

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • color:red,yellow,blue,green....

  • material:PE

  • size:0.7X30m 1.0X50m 1.2X30m

  • weight:200g 300g 320g 400g 450g

  • mesh size:2X2mm 3X3mm 6X6mm...

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:general packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:7 days after receiving 30%T/T


protect young trees from destruction in rural areas and forest
protect trees full growth
increase tree growth rate

Square mesh can protect young trees from animal’s destruction in rural areas and forest, if installed at the time of planting, square mesh can protect them entirely till their full growth and increase their growth rate.

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Mesh Size



































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Q:I am doing a paper about the different views/opinions on plastic surgery. Do you support people who get plastic surgery? Are you for it or against it? Do you think it is a good or bad thing? Any input would be helpful!
It is a good thing if the person is doing it to improve their quality of life (as defined by themselves) and looks- boost their confidence! however, not so good if the person is getting enhancements etc.. to try look like the person that the media has portrayed as beautiful.(eg, size zero, big breasts, unnaturally white teeth) However, mine is only one opinion of many! Good luck with the paper.
Q:cleaned, prepped and painted my guitar's plastic pick guard w/ rustoleum (oil based) spray paint...clear coat neccesary? how durable is this going to be? thnx in advance
This Site Might Help You. RE: enamel paint on plastic? cleaned, prepped and painted my guitar's plastic pick guard w/ rustoleum (oil based) spray paint...clear coat neccesary? how durable is this going to be? thnx in advance
Q:basically I want the title of my next novel to be quot;Plastic Dreamsquot; but I don't know what to make it about. any ideas?
plastic surgery, out culture and the media focus too much on looks and how sex sells, everything is so cosmetic, material world, and so forth that's what I would think of if I saw a book called Plastic Dreams
Q:I have a plastic cage right now for my hamster (syrian hamster if it makes a diff) but im thinking of getting a wire cagewhich is better in your opinion?and dont just say its up to me
In my experience, a wire cage is good. It gives them something to climb, and it's better for ventilation. Also if you can get a larger (2/3 floors) wire cage that's even better! Syrian hamsters can get quite big, and it's good to give them as much space as possible. Also a Syrian could get stuck in anything with tubes or plastic sections.
Q:can the mold Aspergillus grow on plastic?
Mold can grow anywhere and the porous surface of plastic in and around the home is a perfect medium for mold and mildew.
Q:why do we use thermosetting plastics to make plastic kettles?
thermosetting plastics can only be formed once from a liquid state, once they have cooled the polymer chains in the plastic form cross links, this in turn prevents the plastic from melting once heated after initial forming and cooling. if you did heat it a lot it would burn, not melt. so using it in a kettle is good because it wont rust, its electrically safe and it wont go soft and floppy when hot.
Q:I know animals eat them and choke and stuff but I use grocery plastic bags for my trash bags in the house. Banning grocery plastic bags would mean that I would need to BUY trash bags, instead of getting them free from the grocery store.
The paper or plastic debate is pretty much a dead heat. Plastic is more easily recycled into higher value items than paper but fewer plastic bags get collected for recycling plus since they are just flimsy plastic bags, they can't be put in the usual single stream recycling bin for collection as they would wrap around the sorting mechanisms and require the machinery to be stopped while the bags are untangled from the equipment. Plastic bags require less energy and produces less pollution to produce than paper bags and requires less energy and volume to transport to market. In terms of those that make it to the landfill, plastic bags take up less volume and though they don't biodegrade, they could be designed to do so as it's just hydrocarbon polymers. Paper bags, like all wood fibers do not biodegrade in an anaerobic landfill, it takes an aerobic environment like a compost bin for paper to decompose, fortunately fewer paper bags make it to the landfill as for some reason, people believe paper to be more easily recycled than plastic when the inverse is true. In theory, plastic would be a clear environmental winner if people were to actually bring them back to the grocery store's plastic bag recycling bin but due to public ignorance, that never happens. Every time I've taken my plastic bags in to be recycled, my bags are the only ones in the bin. Plastic bags are bad because people are bad despite their best intentions. My parents live in Canada where the Superstore has been charging for plastic bags to encourage reusable bag use for several decades now. To get free plastic bags, my parents simply take them from those rolls of plastic bags in the meat department or the produce department. At the Superstore, these bags tend to be much thicker than at the other grocery stores.
Q:I recently took apart my ds lite. I put the screw hole covers back on with superglue (not the best idea) and it looks really bad. Is there a chemical I can put on the glue residue to make it wash away that won't harm the plastic casing? If not, is there another way of removing the residue other than just picking at it? That would take a long time, and I don't want to risk scratching the case. Thank you.
Use very fine sand paper to smooth it down.
Q:So I just found out some plastic bags are treated with animal fats or other animal by-products. It sounds like it's typically shopping bags that get this treatment, but in general any kind of plastic might have this.I know there comes a point you just have to suck it up and tolerate certain things, being that it's pretty hard to avoid it in everything. But the thought of gt;eatinglt; from something treated with animal fat is really bothering me and grossing me out. I am concerned about cereal bags and plastic bottles. Does anyone know more of what plastics are treated this way? Maybe it's not in the cereal bags or bottles as much? And say they are, can this by product absorb into the food just by being in it?Thanks!
Items inside the plastic can be affected by the chemicals used in the processing of the plastic itself. That is why companies do not want you to reuse water bottles, due to the benzene and other chemicals in the plastic itself. When you place a PET bottle in direct sunlight with water inside or in a hot car, the PET slowly degrades or losses the molecular weight of the polymer allowing for harmful chemicals to be introduced into the water or juice inside. In regards to cereal located in a household environment temperature, one should not worry about the chemicals leaching inside the products within the container. Heat, Light and Mechanical stresses allow for chemicals to leach within the food we eat from the containers we use that are plastic. In regards to the animal fat being used when processing plastic, in general slip agents are used when manufacturing in order to increase the timing of the plastic bags being manufactured. Slip agents are generally burnt off and very small amounts are being used .5% 1%, when the product is completed it would be as low as .01% left, when processing most PE the temperatures are above 200 F. So the fat is burned off or has a very low amount left over in the actual bag. It is sanitary or they would not use it. If you are concerned about this, you should also be concerned with the cereal you are eating.
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