Galvanized Welded Security Fence

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Product Description:

Welded wire mesh security fence was first developed in Europe where it has almost completely

replaced chainlink fence for perimeter barrier security. Today, European style welded security
fence is made here in Anping China, for more than 10 years experience of high quality, marine

grade welded wire mesh products

Galvanized Welded Security Fence is suitable for applications that have a strong need for

security. Possible applications include, airports, schools, power plants, hospitals and

anywhere that security with visibility are primary objectives.

Galvanized Welded Security Fence:Features

Its durability and resistance characterize the easy-to-install Fiesta Design.

This particular sturdiness is due to the choice of the best materials and the use of modern

fastening systems with special U-shapes clamping strips. Thus, the Fiesta Design is the type

most often sold in this product segment and should be given first priority, if very strong

needs for security must be satisfied.

Mesh Specification:

Recommended Specifications based on our experience:

1/2" x 3" (8 and 10.5 gauge) and 2" x 2" (6 and 8 gauge) for security application

1.5" x 1.5 " and 2" x 2" (light gauge available in rolls) for Basic Perimeter Applications

6" x 2" (6 gauge) available in panels for Decorative Fence Applications

10" x 1.8" (6 and 4 gauge) for Decorative Fence Applications

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