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I have a new light fixture I am trying to install. The electrical box has two sets of black and white wires coming in. Both of the black wires are connected together while the white wires from either set were used to connect the old fixture. How should I wire in the new fixture. The switch for this light has only one set of black and white wires connected to the light switch.
If you don't get it, you need to simply hire a qualified electrician so you don't screw up the fixture. Either that or see if there is a wall switch for the fixture for starters. Most people simply put black tape on the white wire that comes back from the switch because it is hot.
Ok You know the speaker wires that go to the back of the subwoofer? The metal part that comes out of the wire came out of the wire, and it makes a funny sound or no sound at all. How can I fix this? Also, I cut the wire and put the copper wires into the subwoofer, it works so so, any sugestions? lew
Connection to a subwoofer is either bare wires or rca type jack (male end) and are eith plug to the rca jack (female) or a screw post for the wires. From the sound of it you are using the rca type, it is is just buy a new one the are inexpensive to replace. You need to have a good solid connection for you sub. Hope this helps.
The switches for the ventilation have 6 wires coming out of the ceiling. My ventilation unit has 5 wires. The ceiling has 2 black, 2 red, and 2 white wires. The ventilation unit has yellow, black, white, red, and blue. how do i make the connections?
Go back to store get the instructions (if they have to, they can rob it from another package or make photocopies of it). Since the colors have that much of a difference, it probably be your best bet to hire an electrician for it. Check with several for rough estimates and for how soon.
Three parallel wires are each carrying a 4A current. ; wire A) is 6 mm from wire B) which is 3mm from wire C); The current in wires B and C are out of the paper, while A is into the paper. What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field halfway between wires A and B?I have tried using Biot-Savart Law but keep getting it wrong can someone please help? I also have an equation for two parallel wires but how do I relate it to two?
SO YOU HAVE TWO POINTS ON PAPER HAVING DISTANCE 2d. megnetic field zero will be on the mid point of this line. (there will be many points where the megnetic field will be zero but THERE IS ONLY ONE POINT ON PAPER)
How do you wire a 2 wire smoke detector directly to an alarm (no panel). The terminals are numbered 1,2,3,4 and the instructions say that 1 is for DC+ and 2 is for DC-. How do I wire an alarm so when the detector senses smoke, the alarm goes off? Thank you.
you would have to have a dc transformer, but what it appears that is to be wired into a home sec system. I may be wrong what is 3/4 for?
i need a definition for wire bending for my art project.
wire forming
Why is thin strand wire better for powering car audio?
Hi welt needs to be multi stranded at least 8 awg in diameter as it is flexible and more flexible than a solid wire as work wire back and forth hardens copper wire and it eventually will break. using a flexible wire reduces the possibility of a breakage.
tryin to move dryer approx 8 more feet but existing wire not long enough have 12/2 wire can that be used to run 220 dryer
you need to run #10/3 for a 200 volt electric dryer