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need to know what's the name of the part and if I will be able to fix it myself or bring into a shop to get it fixed.
I think it's called a bypass tubeIf you are very handy, and VERY gentle, you may be able to replace it yourself, but it's trickyWhat happens is that the plastic gets brittle from the engine heat and degrades, causing the leakMore often than not, when you go to remove that tube (and I've done a lot of them) it's going to snap or break and leave part of the tube in the intake manifoldThis means you have to use a pick tool, or very carefully, a grinder, to remove the remainsYou should plan on a good hour or two for the jobIf you DO choose to do it yourself, be very carefulThat aluminum intake manifold is not very forgiving of mistakes with a grinderI think if you have a shop do it it would be worth the extra money to see that it's done rightGood luck.
The instructions I am reading for making a premade frozen stir fry say I need a pan coverIs there any household item I could use besdies thatI don't have one right now.
If you have some aluminum foil measure the width of your frying pan or pot and add a few inches so it can be folded around the edgeI've done this when I've had too many pots on the stove and it works perfectly fineYou just have to be careful so you do not get burned with steam when removing the foilUse extra padded gloves Good luck now get busy cooking! :)
What would aluminum tin give me?AL Sn thanks
Though there are intermetallic compounds, many metals such as Al and Sn form alloys, in which virtually any amount of one element is soluble in the otherRather than exchanging electrons amongst a few atoms, as in a compound, an alloy has a sea of electrons loosely shared by all.
I remember I begged my coach to let me use a wooden batI hated and still hate aluminum bats.1) They leave a bad after shock (vibration) in hands an arms when you make contact2) They can be very dangerous if one should fly through the air.
Coat bottom of the dish with about 1/6 cup olive oil if you're going to bake it.
I know that Al unlike Mg has one electron in its 3p subshell so why would this increase its boiling point? Thanks!
well, these are pretty basic and obvious 1- c do your own quiz, you'll never learn
I can't figure out how to start this puppyNeed help with process, not so much answer alone.An aluminum ping pong paddle weighs 30% less when submerged in an unspecified liquidWhat is the density of the liquid?Density of aluminum: 2.7 g/cm^3
when im bored i come on yahoo answerslike right now lol
Cant seem to be able to find the answer to this question sad enough.Also, it would be helpful if you could provide reasons why people should recycleIts for a speech I need to giveThanks in advance!!
Thermoboard Insulation Plasterboard
especially the hard too remove stuck on foodi have been only using a little bit of water and a cloth but sometimes i have too stand their and scrub it for 30 to 45 minutes is their an easier way around this?
Sometimes you have to start overPut it in dishwasher or scrub with a brillo pad to get clean When dry, wipe it down with cooking oil on the insidePut it in the oven and get it hot for a few minutesYou just re-seasoned the panEver tried lining the cast iron pan with aluminum foil, saves the mess and it cooks the same.