Purple Commercial Carpet Through Hand Make With Modern Design

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Purple Commercial Carpet Through Hand Make With Modern Design

We CNBM International Corporation is one of the main professional manufacturer of rug & carpets. We can supply various kinds of carpets,such as Hook rug, Hand Tufted rug, Shaggy rug, Faux sheep skin rug, Sisal & Seagrass rug and so on.


CNBM carpets&rugs are suitable for home ,meeting room, apartments ,hotel, guest rooms, living room and other rooms.


CNBM Carpets&rugs can match with various kinds of furnitures.


CNBM Carpets&rugs can be customized with your designs. 


CNBM Carpets&rugs keep the pace with fashion home.


Product: Shaggy Rug 

Shaggy rug is famous by its wide varieties. We produce shaggy rugs of Polyester shaggy rug with viscose, Chinese knot rug, soft Micoriber shaggy rug in plain color or in patterns.



100% polyester or acrylic or chinese knot or microfiber .

Pile Weight


Pile Height



Grey-white cotton with natural soft latex


Customise patterns and various colors


50x80cm/60x90cm/120x170cm//160x170cm/120x180cm/ 140x200cm/160x230cm/200x300cm or customized size.


Purple Commercial Carpet Through Hand Make With Modern Design

Purple Commercial Carpet Through Hand Make With Modern Design

CNBM International Corporation

(CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.With the advantages in Cement, Composite Materials, New Building Materials and Engineering, We are enlarging sub-brand. Currently, we have wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries and branches in 5 countries with a view to realize localization. Meanwhile, we have established strategic partnerships with hundreds of domestic manufacturers and sound business relations with clients from over 120 countries. In line with the business, CNBM International launched E-business platform Okorder.com. It conformed the best resource and logistics to meet the customers’ request  with 24 hours full-time service.

Our Vision: Initiate new global trading structure; create new value for benefit related partners.

We will do utmost to promote rational use of resources under the new structure, meanwhile, create new value of  “green, environment friendly and sustainable’ for a more prosperous future.

CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept.

At CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept., we design and weave  beautiful carpets of superb durability - with axminster, tufted and wilton carpets to suit all hospitality environments. · There is no size limitation on rug size.  Rugs can be created with a variety of materials from pure wool to woolen silk, from natural fiber to chemical fiber.

1.Q: Which carpet type do you supply?

A: We supply hand made and machine made carpet with wool, polyester, nlyon, etc.

2.Q: Do you supply OEM produce?

A: Yes, we supply OEM produce, also any style carpet will be customized.

3.Q: Do your company guarantee quality?

A: Yes, our company will test the quality at producing process and before export. So pls rest assured, the quality will be guaranteed.

4.Q: What payment term do you support?

A: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.

5.Q: Do you have any discount?

A: If you buy bulk and have a long-term cooperation, we will have a best discount for you!


If you are interested in our carpet, pls contact with me.

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Q:Office wall is white, ceiling is also white, the door is brown. What color of the carpet is good ?
Use black and white zebra stripes...
Q:What can I use instead of area rugs?
You okorder.com/ ... You can also take these floors with you, no damage anything in the apartment with a new floor installation and leave the apartment looking just as you moved in when you left.... you can install them in your garage etc. when you get into another place. really easy great floors
Q:Will this rug go with my furniture?
Yes, it would look nice, and would not get as dirty looking as a cream color rug. And with the solid furniture it will add interest as well. I would add some bright colors in your accessories, just about any color you like will look good. I personally love lighter blues with brown, sage green and brown is a hot combo right now, or warm tones like red or orange would spice it up. Add your choice in pillows, throws, table decor, whatever you love.
Q:How to classify the carpet? What are the performance requirements?
Secondly, tufted carpet is widely used in places for frequent stampede, for example theaters usually use it. with a strong family style is unique, but the flame retardant, and silk carpet: Modern style with a geometric pattern, carpets in the market are mainly modern style carpet, cut velvet carpet and nylon carpet. Woven carpets is the kind of carpet that apply handmade carpet process into the mechanized production.
Q:why does my cat deficate and urinate on throw rugs?
My sister has a cat that will potty on rugs or towel left on the floor. It is just a behavior quirk. I suggest not having rugs.
Q:Carpet Staining with Sunny Delight?
Try white vinegar. Pour it onto the stain, let it sit a minute, then blot it with a clean white towel or rag--never rub!! Good luck!
Q:How do you deal with water stains on woolen carpets soaked in water?
Remove the stains and have the right way to clean the carpet so that it doesn't damage the carpet. So, when cleaning, pay attention to the following points:1, first wipe from the edge of the stain, gradually narrowing to the center, to prevent stains spread out.2, silk, wool carpet should not use ammonia water, lye cleaning.3, oxalic acid toxicity, use should be diluted in warm water, concentrated acid is easy to hurt fiber.4, wipe the force should not be too strong, otherwise it will damage the fiber tissue and surface.5, Potassium Permanganate is a strong oxidant, can damage the carpet, should be used with caution.6, turpentine, gasoline and other flammable materials, use of fire into the closest.7. Alcohol should not be used in glass fibers.
Q:Do they still sell hook rugs? Where can i buy my mother this?
Yep, cats simply love to mark a brand new possession. The rugs didn't have their homey odor on them. And so they knew it! Animals get used to the smell of things in their condo and a brand new object needs to be broken in. Silly cats. I'd put down one rug at a time and wait just a few. Maintain an eye on cats and new rug and deter them from it. They'll more commonly go to resmell the rug for his or her scent. She should use the historical fashioned word of scat and allow them to know to depart her rug alone. They're intelligent and understand what the deal is! If they are trying to play dumb have her move litter pan near the rug for a few days except they get the hint.
Q:where do i find jute rugs for decent price?
www.okorder.com/. I once carried Jute Rugs several years ago. These prices seem about right today. You can google Jute Rugs and find other sources. They're all made in China.
Q:Should i take his rug off?
My inclination is to take the rug off and give it a chance to dry as well as to allow the horses coat to air out and dry. The heat generated from the horses body will eventually dry the rug, but will have a difficult time. After the rug and horses are dry, then you can properly put the rug on and then the waterproof topping on. Good luck. Janet

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