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1.Faux fur sheepskin rug,100% acrylic material.
2.Much cheaper price than real one.
3.Various colors for choose


Genuine new natural sheepskin rug are ideal as a wedding gifts, yoga, natural sleeping area for a new baby, you can throw it over a chair, baby-carriage...fake one also with same use


100% acrylic

Pile weight

about 870g/sqm

Pile height

about 6.5cm


Suede fabric backing

Total weight

About 920g/sqm


Max width 200cm, stand size is 60x90cm, 70x120cm, custom size can be made like 50x90cm, 69x115cm, 100x140cm etc


300sqm for white color, 500sqm for dyed colors, 800sqm/order. Stock color can be less quantity.

Lead of time

About 30-40days depend on factory production schedule.


Each piece with polybag, then 25pcs put into one carton, or each piece roll with paper tube, many piece into one carton, also can packed as customer requirement.

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Q:Does man-made fibre carpet contain formaldehyde?
Carpet according to the material is divided into three categories of high school, low, nylon and wool are high-grade materials, wool blend, acrylic fiber, polyester is a mid-range material, polypropylene carpet is low grade material.Carpet rarely contains formaldehyde, as long as it does not stick to the ground with colloid on the pavement, then formaldehyde will not exceed the standard.However, the smell of heavy carpet VOC content must be noted
Q:NEW 100% heat-set emerlen pile rug has wrinkles (5' X 8') w/pad is on top of carpet. How do I get them out?
De wrinkling a rug, You can try to back roll against the wrinkle. You need to leave it rolled up for a few days. You can try to steam it out, but it could take awhile. The oriental rug cleaners have a method of stretching a rug to get the wrinkles out, you might contact a local cleaner and ask about this service. You maybe should return the rug for another, tell them it is defective.
Q:rug hook kits?
I've seen some at Michaels, but they can get pretty pricey. Have fun!
Q:How to do if the carpet is stained with stool?
If you can not find a good way to clean it: Step one: Use water absorbent towel to repeatedly rub (water absorbent towels are sold in supermarket, sticked on the brush added with water to brush until it is clean; step two, such as OMO: Spray perfume on that part (if you have no perfume, then I'd like to give you a more operational advice. (this must be repeated several times before the bubble is totally removed) step three: Use the hair dryer to dry that part. Step four, until it almost half dry, that kind of towel that can dry hair is also a good choice): Use good quality washing powder
Q:can I use Gorilla glue to stick the area rugs to carpet?
Rugs over carpets are only tacky if they're those small entryway-type rugs. This is an area rug, so I'm sure you'll be fine. An area rug can help to pull a space together and define the dining area as one unit, so I commend you for your choice. It'll really help separate the living area and dining area. Make sure the rug colour and pattern fit in with the rest of the place, though! If the carpet is a neutral beige, you can do a bold colour; make sure it works with the furniture and wallpaint. I doubt you have a dark, vivid carpet, but if you do you would want to go with something lighter and more neutral to contrast with it and still make the delineation of living/dining work. And make sure the rug is not too large or too small. If it's too small, it will make the dining table and chairs seem like they're cramped into a small space. The rug should at least extend slightly beyond the table, although it does not need to extend beyond the chairs. Cheers. ^^ And something I forgot: as Barbiq wisely noted, prints on prints are tricky and usually best avoided.
Q:Soaked carpet! Need help ASAP?
Hi,I agree with wains world, borrow someone dehumidifier after you,ve gotten up all water possible and run th dehumidifier for a few days.Have a plumber fix the water control valve and pipes or replace!
Q:How can I dye an oriental rug?
You want to do this at a laundromat, biggest machine possible. in cold water, bleach the rug. It may take two tries---using the largest possible machine, try a cup of detergent and a cup of bleach, and see what happens. If you get the desired shade, or lighten it enough, then you can immediately dye it (To a darker shade, of course.) Otherwise, double or triple the bleach, no detergent, and run it again. You may put additional bleach in the compartment where the fabric softener goes, and it will bleach it again on the rinse cycle. After you dye it, as a courteousy to the next person, run it through a cycle with detergent, empty. Or you can do a load of dark, old clothes, like blue jeans. To dry it, lay it on a flat surface, turning it occasionally, and avoid direct sunlight, ideally it will be in the shade on a warm, breezy day. If indoors, dry it on an old sheet on a carpet, with a fan pointed at it, again, turning it every hour or two. Good-luck---Brian
Q:Rug on top of wall to wall carpet?
How about double sided tape?
Q:can garment steamer iron the carpet
Of course, because it is steam, the water evaporates very fast, but it needs to be aired after ironing, or sun it.
Q:will carpet cleaners cause mold? my carpet is still a little damp 20 hours after spraying high traffic areas.?
Using some fans to give some ventilation will help the carpet dry.

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