Polyester Carpets And Rugs Exhibiton Carpet Tiles

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Polyester Carpets And Rugs Exhibiton Carpet Tiles

We CNBM International Corporation is one of the main professional manufacturer of rug & carpets. We can supply various kinds of carpets,such as Hook rug, Hand Tufted rug, Shaggy rug, Faux sheep skin rug, Sisal & Seagrass rug and so on.


CNBM carpets&rugs are suitable for home ,meeting room, apartments ,hotel, guest rooms, living room and other rooms.


CNBM Carpets&rugs can match with various kinds of furnitures.


CNBM Carpets&rugs can be customized with your designs. 


CNBM Carpets&rugs keep the pace with fashion home.


Product: Shaggy Rug 

Shaggy rug is famous by its wide varieties. We produce shaggy rugs of Polyester shaggy rug with viscose, Chinese knot rug, soft Micoriber shaggy rug in plain color or in patterns.



100% polyester or acrylic or chinese knot or microfiber .

Pile Weight


Pile Height



Grey-white cotton with natural soft latex


Customise patterns and various colors


50x80cm/60x90cm/120x170cm//160x170cm/120x180cm/ 140x200cm/160x230cm/200x300cm or customized size.

Why choose us? 

  • We are the carpet & mat manufactury;

  • Efficient and innovative Designer Team;

  • Strictly Quality Control System;

  • Professional Technical Online Service;

  • Any mail or message will be replied within 8 hours;

  • 3 No: No MOQ, No Color Limited, No artwork charge;

  • Completive Manufactory Price;

  • 5 years limited Manufactory Warranty to special mats;

  • More than 7 years cooperated experience with Top 500 Companies in theworld

Polyester Carpets And Rugs Exhibiton Carpet Tiles

Polyester Carpets And Rugs Exhibiton Carpet Tiles

CNBM International Corporation


CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept.

At CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept., we design and weave  beautiful carpets of superb durability - with axminster, tufted and wilton carpets to suit all hospitality environments. · There is no size limitation on rug size.  Rugs can be created with a variety of materials from pure wool to woolen silk, from natural fiber to chemical fiber.

1.Q: Which carpet type do you supply?

A: We supply hand made and machine made carpet with wool, polyester, nlyon, etc.

2.Q: Do you supply OEM produce?

A: Yes, we supply OEM produce, also any style carpet will be customized.

3.Q: Do your company guarantee quality?

A: Yes, our company will test the quality at producing process and before export. So pls rest assured, the quality will be guaranteed.

4.Q: What payment term do you support?

A: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.

5.Q: Do you have any discount?

A: If you buy bulk and have a long-term cooperation, we will have a best discount for you!


If you are interested in our carpet, pls contact with me.

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Q:alright so I have an image I would like to make into a hook rug but I can't just do it myself by looking at the photo, I need the image printed onto the hook rug base, is there anyway to have that done? can I copy the image onto the hook rug base?
Yes, certainly. Almost every one that hooks a rug draws the design on the backing material. That is the first step. The lazy way is to buy a backing with the design already on it. The above answer gives you a good method on how to transfer a design to your own backing. Or you can simply draw your own right on the backing to your own preferences. Once you do that, you will never go back to commercially prepared kits -- you'll be selling your own on esty!
Q:I'm house sitting at my mom's friend's house and their dog threw up on carpet. I found some cleaning supplies but none for carpet.
Go to any pet store and get a bottle of a product called Nature's Miracle. This contains an enzyme that breaks down proteins in bodily fluids, like urine, blood, and vomit. This then eliminates the odor. I would also recommend you get the stuff in the orange bottle instead of the white bottle. It contains oxyclean, which further helps eliminate the stains. Just pour it on liberally directly onto the carpet. If there's still some solid matter, you can wipe this up with a rag. Then cover the area with an old towel and let it sit overnight. The towel will wick up any excess liquid and be a warning not to step there. The next day, remove the towel and let it air dry. If it still smells, apply it again until it goes away.
Q:They say quot;dry clean onlyquot; but I have been told that this is not the case. Does anybody know if a Rug Dr will work? They are camel colored.
I sure would NOT use a Rug Doctor to clean my suede! The reason it says to dry clean is because when you wet suede you will get water marks. Ever wear suede shoes in the rain? What you need to do if you want to spot clean them yourself is to get a suede cleaner at the shoe repair. It is formulated so that you will not shrink or water stain the suede. You also can spot treat very small areas or stains with white vinegar. But be very careful, because the couches are so light colored, test an inconspicious area (like the inside of a seam) first if you use the vinegar to determine whether it darkens the suede. I absolutely have ruined suede by cleaning it improperly.
Q:They prefer dry food to wet. I am feeding them IAMS kitten food....I have washed the throw rugs but what is best to use on the carpet and how do i keep them from peeing again? They were just at the Animal Coaltion in June...and were pronounced healthy....
To clean the carpets, you'll have to use a steam cleaning machine. I would also suggest using cat NO! on the area - once it's marked, no matter how much you clean it - they will come back....using the cat NO! will assist in keeping the cat away. Are you cleaning out your litterbox daily, and adding new litter to replace the old? Is there enough litter in there? There should be 3-4 inches. Do you have enough litterboxes if you have more than one cat? Ideally you should have 1 box per cat, and if you live in a multistory - one box minimum on each floor (including a basement). If you are putting in any additives, make sure they don't have a smell - what smells good to us, may be offensive to a cat. And finally, do not put your litterbox near the cats food - would you want to eat in a smelly bathroom? The only other reason for a cat to spray is it's un-neutered, or it's feeling stressed or anxious, or there is a health issue.
Q:I am wondering as a general question how many rugs would you need im talking about bare minimal if you do not intend to show your horse but clip it so that it does not sweat alot while exercising. please list the rugs you feel are essential to have in the climate of south east england thanks so much for your time xx
It depends on your horses breed, how warm the stable is and the amount of hair you clip off. I kept an Irish hunter type with: One stable rug, quilted with neck cover. 2 fleece under rugs for cold weather, travelling and drying off and two turnout rugs, that could be used with the fleece or quilted under rug. Of your horse is fully clipped, you'll also need an exercise rug. This gives you a back up if rugs need cleaning or repair, and in really cold weather, look out for second hand blankets or duvets in charity shops. You don't really need a separate stable rug, as the outside rug will do both jobs, but changing rugs helps prevent rubbing and sores..
Q:I'm looking to hang about door size carpet pieces on my closet walls [don't ask why] and was wondering a good adhesive to use or if I should just use nails?
Regular carpet adhesive that you trowel on will work. But It ll tear the wall all to Heck when you go to remove the carpet. Maybe some carpet tackless that you can nail to the top and let the carpet hang straight down? Other than that just some finish nails.. GL
Q:The water that I am dumping out is beyond filthy. Is all of that dirty water really coming from the dirt in my carpet? I shampoo the carpets about every 6 months, and we don't even wear shoes in the house.
ABSOLUTELY!!! I bought my own, the water is just as dirty! We vacuum. But we usually only clean the surface. My mom had a vacuum that had lights on it that told when the area you were going over was clean. She had dogs, high traffic. I don't know if that light ever went out. Most people vacuum the surface, the shampooer goes to the bottom where most of the dirt and sand goes.
Sprinkle flour, wet, dry, lost as soon as rub.
Q:my cat is scratching where the carpet meets the door frame. i am wondering if there is such a thing that will hug the door frame and protect the carpet on the floor. if i could attach the a picture i would.
There are LOTS of solutions at your local Lowe's/ Home Depot. Ask them for plastic to go over carpet that will stick and stay there. Not temp stuff for walking, either. Also look at Office depot and such. The things that you put on carpet for chairs to roll on might be a great idea. Also, you may wanna get a cat scratch post to put by the door?
Q:I need an area rug for my living room and here is a picture of my inspiration room compliments of Pottery Barn. The carpet in my living room is like a beigeish oatmeal color. I also have small kids so something that could hide stains easily would be nice. My walls are white and my woods are Cherry...suggestions? Any specific hints in picking out a rug?
Braided rag rugs are especially nice for concealing stains and blending with most any decor. They're also especially good for anyone with allergies because they do not have backing made with formaldehyde and thus don't give off the awful smells.

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