Polyester Hook Carpet

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Product Description:

Product Description
Materialpolyester hook Carpet
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
ColorWhite, Black , Grey, Beige, Yellow, Pink , Red , Purple or OEM
pile heightPattern 1.5cm -3.5 cm ; Plain Color: 3cm-7.5cm
pile weight1600-2500g/m2
backinglatex backing , anti-slip backing, pvc backing or OEM
useHome, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Living Room
Place of originChina (Mainland)
Brand nameCNBM

Packaging & Shipping

each piece of rug be rolled in an individual standard plastic bag

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Q:How do you remove playdough from carpet?
I have a suggestion. It has happened with my carpet in the past. All you need to do is, take piece of rag (preferably cotton), immerse it in boiling hot water and dab it on the patch where it is. This should soften both the carpet and the dough. Once this is done, say, in a couple mins or so, take a terrycot towel and brush it in one stroke. This will take off the stuff from the carpet. If this does not work, take a moist cloth (drenched in regular water). Take a semi-hot pressing iron, and slowly and lightly iron the surface of the cloth. This will make the dough stick to the cloth. It is pretty simple and non-time-consuming. Good luck :)
Q:A green rug's length is 7 feet greater than a yellow rug's length. The yellow rug has a 5 foot width and the green has a 3 foot width.?
Lets say: The length of green rug = GL The length of yellow rug = YL The width of green rug = GW The width of yellow rug = YW The areas: Green rug = GL*GW Yello rug = YL*YW What we have: GL = YL+7 YL = GL -7 GW = 3 YW = 5 YL*YW = GL*GW + 59 YL*YW = YL*5 = (GL-7)*5 GL*3 + 59 = (GL-7)*5 3GL +59 = 5GL - 35 5GL -3GL = 59 +35 2GL = 94 GL = 47 YL = 47 - 7 = 40
Q:Can a clawed cat be trained not to tear up the rugs and furniture?
There are covers that you can buy to place over the cats nails, if you want to be bothered with it. One of my cats came declawed from the pound, the other has claws. I take the clawed one every week and pop her claws out and trim them down with clippers, but she is a very mellow and cooperative cat. Other than that, it's very, very hard to train kitties. Try getting a scratching post that smells like catnip so the cat will be encouraged to use that instead of your things. I attached a link to the claw covers.
Q:How to get woolite out of carpet?
use a steam cleaner
Q:Are memory foam rugs good?
I like how soft they are and they are nice to stand on.
Q:Can I cut a rug?
I suggest you pay someone to install the rug professionally, then you would have more time if you decided to actually, Cut A Rug. lol
Q:Does anyone know where I can get a black and gold area rug?
I answered your other question... sounds like you're pretty set on the black gold area rug? Did you check Lowe's? Home Depot? They also have some decent rugs, inexpensive ones. But remember, check them ALL out or as many as you can, cause you never know~ you may be feeling black gold now, but that's pretty taste specific, won't be as easy to change your colors themes. Of course it would depend on the design, too. What if you got an all black rug (not recommended just cause of the lint problem) then incorporated gold accents? Remember too, that your couch is a dark blue... have you seen those rug squares that you can make your own design with? They come in squares, that stick to your floor. You can make your own design, they come in every color imaginable, if you stain one, you can just pull it up replace it! You can find them anywhere, too they have them at Lowes also. Good luck!
Q:using oxiclean in a carpet cleaning machine?
You most likely could do that if you add about a 1/4 cup of anti-foaming agent to each batch of soap solutuion. It is available at the carpet cleaning rental station at most grocery stores. It keeps the foam from overwhelming and damaging the machine.
Q:how many square yards do i need of carpet
Multiply the measurements of each room by each other and then divide by 3. You are looking for square yardage so you have to get the square amount and then convert it to yards. In this case it is: (12 feet * 12 feet =144 sq feet) / 3 = 48 square yards (21 feet *20 feet =420 sq feet) / 3 = 140 square yards (10 feet x14 feet = 140 sq feet) / 3 = 46.7 square yards 234.7 square yards
Q:is it bad to leave wet rugs on horses?
Of course you should change rugs when they are wet. They get chilled otherwise. If the rug is waterproof and the inside is warm and dry then it is okay to leave them, but it is better to have two rugs so that you can have one on the horse and the other drying.

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