New pattern floor Carpet

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Product Description:

New pattern floor Carpet

Quick Details

100% Acrylic
Hand Tufted
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
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rich color
Trade terms::
Xingang, Tianjin
Product name:
acrylic carpet

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:acrylic carpet Rolled in the poly bag (1pc/bag) or as per your request
Delivery Detail:Within 45-60days as wereceived the deposit or L/C


Acrylic Carpet
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2.High quality
3.Reasonable price
4.Quality assurance

Product Description

Hand Made Acrylic Carpet


100% Acrylic

Pile Height

High 3.25cm low 1.5cm

Pile Weight



Natural rubber back with pure cotton knitted fabrics


120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or size according to your request


according to customer's request


200 sqm/color


Rolled in the poly bag (1pc/bag) or as per your request



Payment Terms

30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

Delivery Date

45-60 days

1) Name: Handmade Acrylic Carpet

2) Features: Acrylic looks and feels like wool, making it perfect for rugs with a high, lush pile. It can befashioned to fit your office, home, or other designated living space.

3) Pile height: 0.9-1.2 cm,  Modern decorative carpets

4) Pile weight: yarn weight averages from 1500g\sqm to 2500g\sqm available. The weight differs every 100g.

5) Size: 60x90cm, 140x200cm, 160x230cm, 200x300cm, 280x380cm, etc.

6) Color: Plain color and design colors are available

7) Backing: Latex backing, anti-slip and make the yarn very strong.

8) Packing: acrylic carpets rolled in separate plastic bags.

9) Any design and size can be custom-made according to your specifications.

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Q:A green rug's length is 7 feet greater than a yellow rug's length. The yellow rug has a 5 foot width and the green has a 3 foot width.?
Lets say: The length of green rug = GL The length of yellow rug = YL The width of green rug = GW The width of yellow rug = YW The areas: Green rug = GL*GW Yello rug = YL*YW What we have: GL = YL+7 YL = GL -7 GW = 3 YW = 5 YL*YW = GL*GW + 59 YL*YW = YL*5 = (GL-7)*5 GL*3 + 59 = (GL-7)*5 3GL +59 = 5GL - 35 5GL -3GL = 59 +35 2GL = 94 GL = 47 YL = 47 - 7 = 40
Q:Is it tacky to put a rug on carpet?
No, it not only can brighten and enhance a room but it can be used to define an area of the room ( breaking it up in sections) if this is what you are trying to do.
Q:Hep-I want to put an area rug between my sofas in den-wood floors whitewalls, bookcases-sofas leather paprika?
Hi there, I am a professional interior designer for almost 20 years. Absolutely find a rug that has mostly contrasting colors. Green is a great choice because it is the complimentary color of red which is in the same family as paprika. The best shade of green to use is moss or a more muted green. Try to stay away from anything that has too bright of a green shade it may compete too much with the paprika sofa. It would be great to find something that has paprika and maybe ivory or white accents. This will pull all the colors together. Try adding some very textural white or ivory pillows to the sofa to soften the texture of leather. This will make the white walls appear intentional. Also, try to find some artwork that incorporates the green and paprika; this is where you can bring in another splash of color maybe blue or gold. Last but not least an awesome touch for a room such as this will be to find some large paprika color pots a few different sizes and add some indoor plants (silk is fine if you can find some realistic versions). If you combine all these elements guaranteed you will have a really great space to enjoy! Good luck and have fun!!!
Depends on how big of an area you are talking about and the carpet. I have done it with a high pile carpet by cutting a small slit and injecting glue beneath the carpet and then put weight on it for a while. If it is a low pile carpet you might have a hard time hiding your incision. Maybe if you can get a syringe type injector (meat injector) you can make a small enough hole that's not visible.
Q:Advice on cleaning my carpet?
Move everything out, vacuum the entire room of dust and debris, and buy some powdered carpet cleaner that you just sprinkle on the carpeting. When it dries, vacuum up all the residue, then move everything back in. Don't use vinegar. It will soak into the carpet and you'll have to wait hours and hours for it to dry before you can vacuum again, and then it will still smell like vinegar. If the carpet is still dirty after the treatment, you might want to rent a carpet machine from somewhere and use a water-based cleaner--but again, vacuum first, clean next and wait until it dries thoroughly, then re-vacuum.
Use good quality rug steam cleaning machines for best cleaning results. Rug cleaners with steam cleaning advantages are the best cleaning equipment for rug cleaning applications.
Q:How to judge the quality of the carpet?
Pattern color should be rich, won't cause static. The most common seen is the wool carpet, the best choice is wool carpet. If conditions permit, the pattern is particularly complex, chemical fiber carpet, cheap also upgrade the grade.
Q:What color does the purple sofa match? The carpet looks good
Contrasting colors:1, yellow and purple, black collocation of the most resounding, the best one, one as a supplement.2, dark blue, dark green and red are contrasting colors, collocation together more dazzling.3, white and any other dark color can match.
Q:What is an under rug used for?
It is an extra layer to put under an outer rug for example it replaces a stable blanket that goes under a jute or stable rug. It gives extra warmth and rather like when we wear a blouse or a polo neck under a woolen jumper! It can also prevent friction which could cause sores or bald patches especially on the shoulders. I wish we had them in my day - a 5 foot girl trying to put two or three heavy blankets on a 17-18hh horse and THEN a rug is very hard work!
Q:As a part of modern decoration, carpet can not only beautify the living environment, but also improve the comfort of decoration and reduce walking noise. Carpets can be divided into many kinds according to materials, so what kinds of carpets are there? What material is good?
Carpets are generally divided into the following four categories. Let's learn about them together. 1. Pure wool carpet pure wool carpet is a high-grade decoration material for the floors of high-grade guest rooms, auditoriums and stages. It is made of the best quality sheep wool weaving carpets in the world. Cotton wool has long fiber, large tensile force, good elasticity and luster, and the fiber is slightly thick and powerful. 2. Chemical fiber carpet. Chemical fiber carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet, such as polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, nylon (polyethylene eye) chemical fiber carpet, nylon carpet, etc. It is made of synthetic fiber into a surface layer by tufting method or weaving method and stitched with the bottom layer of linen. Chemical fiber carpet has good wear resistance, elasticity and low price. It is suitable for floor decoration of general buildings. 3. Blended carpet is a floor decoration material made of wool fiber and various synthetic fibers. Because synthetic fiber is mixed in the blended carpet, the price is low and the service performance is improved. For example, after adding 20% nylon fiber to wool fiber, the wear resistance of carpet can be improved five times, the decorative performance is no less than that of pure wool carpet, and the price is more affordable. 4. Plastic carpet is made of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, which can be used instead of pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet. The plastic carpet is soft, colorful, comfortable and durable, not easy to burn, self extinguishing and not afraid of moisture. Plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stages, houses, etc.

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