Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning

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Product Description:

Specification of Air Diffuser


Supplying Air Diffusers 
-Frame Thickness: 1.0mm /0.8mm
-Any Size be customed 
-Powder Coated RAL 9010/9016




HVAC aluminum air conditioner grille



Extruded Aluminum alloy (6063-T5)



Blades in 45°from aluminum profile or as customer’s requirements


Bar spacing

30mm as standard or as customer’s requirements



0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm or according to the customers’ 


Surface Finish

Powder coated, Anodized , PVDF, Mill finish.



Width x Height, any sizes available


Powder for Finish

Environmental protection and non-toxic, and Color to keep 5 -10 years.



Refer to RAL colors swatch or customized colors available



Drawings designed according to the customers’ requirements


Payment terms

T/T, L/C, PYAPAL, etc.


Delivery time

Usual 15-20 work days for a 40GP container 


Package details

Bubble wrap + Cartons for FCL,  Bubble wrap + Cartons + Wood-box for 



Stainless steel security mesh, Aluminum security mesh



Fixing and adjustable installation

Usage of Air Diffuser


The grille is suitable for ceilling  sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. 

Typical installations include offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.

Available as standard in white polyester powder coat finish. 

Other polyester powder  coat finishes are also available as an option.


Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning

Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning

Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning

Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning

Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning

Rectangle Air Grilles Air Flow Vent for Air Conditioning


Usage of Air Diffuser 

The grille is suitable for ceilling  sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. 

Typical installations include offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.

Available as standard in white polyester powder coat finish. 

Other polyester powder  coat finishes are also available as an option.



FAQ of Air Diffuser:


1, What's size do u have for round type diffuser?

A: We have face size from 150mm to 550mm,neck size from 250mm to 400mm


2, Do u still have other types ?

A: Yes, we have round diffuser/ rectangle diffuser/ linear grilles/ baseboard diffusers,etc


3, What's the most early delivery time?

A: Within 25 days for each 40'fcl


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Q:On the issue of water seepage, water seepage parts of the wall
Bathroom floor and wall skirt parts do not have a good dew point
Q:Where can the warm electric boilers
Electric boiler and gas boiler principle is interlinked, but their heat is different, home heating, especially a small area of ​​heating, safety and comfort and energy conservation, capital investment is that we should focus on the issue. The boiler itself as a heat source, the service life is always its Mishap, the price of tens of thousands of boiler life in about ten years, free maintenance for two years, a conservative estimate of the use of maintenance costs about one-tenth of the boiler, coupled with the late plumbing All the costs of plumbing all parts of the cost of about one-tenth of the total investment, of course, this is not you then replace the stove. Plumbing is generally not recommended when the use of open, so the operating costs will be higher, the other noise, water waste, etc., construction is not standardized run, run, drop, drain and other issues are endless. Electric heating can not only overcome the plumbing of the above problems, but also to achieve intelligent home heating, independent control so that the elderly and children have a more comfortable environment, digital heating so that heating is not just a pleasure. The safety of electricity to warm the high-calorie lamb of the twenties sweeping, the service life of at least 50 years, while heating only heating body and thermostat composed of two parts, lower maintenance rate, the latter part of the low operating costs, all of these Count, really is an input, life-long worry. Anze smart to warm, China to warm the cable industry's only leading brand, quality and service worthy of trust! Independent intelligent ground heating system solutions to solve the experts!
Q:Floor heating system
Done a lot, to warm the mixed system is generally no picture
Q:Can drive two bedrooms, two groups of small heating furnace heating
Should be based on the area, not between the units
Q:To warm only part of the room, do not open the room will freeze it?
No, although some of the room did not open, but the overall temperature or up, the heat can be passed. It's ok.
Q:Carbon crystal to warm the use of it, what advantages and disadvantages is ah
Really very costly, do not use, my family 75 flat monthly electricity bills should be more than a thousand, I hope we will not be 忽悠.
Q:To warm the winter can not live without water can be frozen to warm it?
Too cold, if the indoor temperature below 5 ℃ will crack. If you do not need to do some maintenance. Maintenance methods: 1, the winter should not pay attention to heating, watertight parts should be prevented from cracking and heating pipe in the water clogging the pipeline. 2, not to be activated when the watertight parts to prevent cracking, the system is not installed after the winter that year, such as indoor temperature below 5 ℃, the system should be all the air with air compressor blowing, to prevent the system by freezing. Winter should not be enabled when the geothermal heating system should pay attention to protection, to prevent the water diversion components or heating pipe in the water icing.
Q:What are the heating components of the heating system design?
In the design of the design, the design of the heating system is based on the basic heat consumption and the additional (corrected) heat dissipation of the envelope. The basic heat consumption refers to the sum of the stable heat transfer from the room to the outside through the various parts of the room envelope (doors, windows, walls, floors, roofs, etc.) under design conditions. Additional (modified) heat consumption refers to the heat transfer of the envelope structure changes the basic heat consumption to correct the heat consumption. Additional (corrected) calorie consumption includes the amount of heat applied to the correction, wind addition, height addition and external door addition.
Q:Which brand is good to do it?
Do warm everyone is no stranger, but now the market is very chaotic to the chaos, so that the owners are headaches to do in the end what kind of good quality pipe? How to choose to warm the brand? Here to listen to Ainuo industry for your brief! Do warm to general is divided into two kinds, a kind of water to warm, a kind of electricity to warm, usually to warm the brand, is to warm the company's brand, not to warm the pipe brand. Such as Aino tube industry to warm the pipe, and to warm the brand inside and then to warm the brand and warm air brand. Water to warm: look at the pipe, the general home improvement and villa on the company in the country to do the warm installation and sales point of view, do more imported brands, the project on the domestic brands are more, as you said which weight is good , The most simple one to the truth of a penny, a sub-goods, with everyone to buy the same clothes, some people go to the store to buy, and some to the stall to buy, followed by sub-catchment, sub-catchment, generally divided into stainless steel and pure Two kinds of copper. I do not have to explain the pure copper is sure, sub-catchment is used to branch the water, the money to the land, must be willing to warm. Heating to the ground: heating to the general heating cable and thermostat, heating cable on the current market To see the most authoritative brand is, Aino and complex sea and sea two, of course, is not to belittle other products, but these two have been opened in the market, with a wide range.
Q:Liquefied gas can be installed to warm it?
It is recommended not to liquefied gas, its concentration is relatively large, that is, the same cubic liquefied petroleum gas with the pipeline for the rush stinging fumigation smoked gas, liquefied petroleum gas combustion power is a few times the pipeline gas The boiler combustion system is set up in accordance with the pipeline gas. The use of liquefied gas will cause damage to the boiler parts.

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