Plastic Hot Water Pipe for Floor Heating System

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platic pipe for hot water floor heating Pe-rt pipe 



1. Good thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance performance;

 2.Excellent processing performance;

 3.Good flexibility and easy for construction;

 4.Good anti-wallop performance and high safety;

 5.It can be connected by thermal fusion and easy for installation and maintenance;

 6.With high performance-price ratio



2.standard:ASTM F1281 

3.our pipes for hot water,cold water,gas , special fluid. 

4. The pex-al-pex pipe is composed of one aluminum layer, two layers of the same polymeric   

   adhensive and two layers of the same crosslinked polyethylene.

5.Aluminum  10-5 aluminum material the mini.elongations rate is 20% and ultimate tensile  strengths is 100Mpa (14600psi).

6.Gel content test ≥65%

Plastic Hot Water Pipe for Floor Heating  System


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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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Q:Casing head test pressure process
1. Test pressure single test pressure and system test pressure, single test pressure: pipe laying or hidden parts of the pipeline after the completion of installation and design requirements according to the requirements of water pressure test. System test pressure: heating system installed according to the design and specification requirements for system water pressure test. 2. Heating, air conditioning system test procedures: a first check the entire system of all control valves are open, the system should be separated from the outer pipe network, open the gas tank release valve. B will be the water supply pipe, test pressure pump and other temporary pressure test pipe connected to the main water supply pipe, and irrigation to the system until the system filled with water and the pipeline system after the air drained (put the wind gate workers The valve out of the water so far), close the release valve; c operation test pump to boost, boost the process should pay attention to check the management, fittings and accessories are leaked, such as leakage should stop the pressure, and after the buck Repair, change pad, tighten and so on. D system without leakage, the pressure and boost to the test pressure, stop the pump check, and observe the pressure gauge, requiring 10 minutes pressure drop of not more than 0.02Mpa, that is qualified.
Q:Home old house want to install to warm how to do?
The old house, then the best look at the house into the line can not load the power to ridicule the tank waste Into belly Sang Shakespeare very warm. The domestic market to warm up the country's first electric floor to warm the brand is million warm. Heating cable is copper-nickel alloy, good quality, after-sales have,
Q:Principle of pulsed geothermal cleaning machine
Practice has proved that the method of pulse geothermal cleaning is far from the effect of good projectile, the so-called pulse is a pulse device, the name is the water to form a spiral to play out, and then rotate in the pipeline flow to the flushing pipe wall The role of the general situation are part of the water block part of the blockage is serious, the mouth can not get into the water how will rotate in the wall? I have been engaged in geothermal cleaning has five or six years, the pulse of the basic method is a hammer , The effect is very poor, and always call me this is not hot, obviously not hot, so less than a last resort I will not use the pulse, and only those who can not be demolished, or with the projectile. Since you have been demolished on a demolition in the end chanting, that thing is very simple, the cost of the burden of the child from the nuclear shop as you said it is one or two hundred dollars, only two solenoid valves, and a control of the intensity Small board, purely bluffing stuff...
Q:Solar water heater mixing valve pressure balance
Mixing water valve as a temperature control components, mainly for solar energy engineering, to warm the project and other large and medium-sized heating project in the temperature control system Chang Fu Qi Hao Hao Tong Tong profile; solar water heaters, electric water heaters and other products, water temperature control components ; Home, hospital, hotel, nursing home, office and bath bath center, such as independent or centralized central hot water system.
Q:Is the carbon crystal warmer than the other? Where is it?
Carbon crystal to warm the advantages of: 1. durable and reliable carbon crystal to warm all underground buried parts can guarantee more than 50 years of service life. Carbon crystal heating plate can guarantee 100,000 hours of continuous work without trouble. 2. Heating efficiency of high-carbon crystal tiger ridge Hong Kong Fan Fan huan song but attack the warm heating plate "electric --- hot" conversion efficiency is extremely high, by the national professional testing, "electricity --- hot" conversion rate to More than 99%. 3. Heating speed Fast carbon crystal to warm the board of the excellent surface heating characteristics, so that the system work, to maximize the entire ground plane at the same time, synchronous heating. Is the fastest heating rate to warm the system. 4. Construction of a simple carbon crystal to warm the minimum to meet customer "one square meter" of heating requirements. 100m2 to warm the installation of construction, a group of workers (2) a day and can be laid to install the construction is completed. 5. Health and environmental protection situation, heating up quickly, fever fast. Power 30 minutes to heat. Carbon crystal heating plate directly on the indoor radiation heat, the temperature rise faster than the traditional plumbing and heating cable more than 5 times faster.
Q:What is the difference between a warm water and a water separator?
This is if it is plumbing, then there will not be hot places, some places are not hot, close to the stove where the hot, far away is not very hot!
Q:What is the geothermal decoration process?
Process: 1, in the case of the ground flat before the first with about 5MM of benzene board will be all the pavement covered with the ground. 2, in the benzene board covered with a layer of insulation film. 3, in the insulation film laying geothermal tube. Here need to pay attention to, every square meter should be laid around the heat pipe 5M can not have any joints. The spacing between tubes and tubes should be appropriate at 20CM. 4, after the completion of geothermal pipe laying on the top of the hourglass (that is, sand sands save things). 5, finally, in the above with about 1: 5 cement mortar leveling. (Absolutely can not be calendering, otherwise affect the cooling effect. I will not say the first brick) Note: 1, geothermal company's choice. Congratulations, hidden projects do not save, we must choose a qualified, strong, good reputation, professional and strong, rich experience in the construction of geothermal companies, signed a formal contract. This is the decisive condition for ensuring the quality of the project. 2, the choice of geothermal pipe. Do not be confused by the low offer, geothermal pipe quality of the good and bad, a direct impact on the life of geothermal engineering, the choice of good quality underground pipe, floor components (including water separator, valves, filters, etc.). Step back, even if the future quality problems, the pipe manufacturers will have some compensation. 3, the choice of the best parts of the ground are all qualified quality copper parts. Geothermal engineering underground part of each road must be a complete tube, can not take any form of connection In fact, after the cement mortar filled with what pipe is not important (but can not use too rubbish). In fact, when the shop is most afraid of heat resistance (air resistance: that white is the tube in the air). So in the shop when the heat, especially immediately before the backfill must let the workers carefully check the good.
Q:New house can not keep warm in winter?
Too cold, if the indoor temperature below 5 ℃ will crack. If you do not need to do some maintenance. Maintenance methods: winter should not pay attention to heating, should prevent the water separator parts and heating pipe in the water clogging the pipeline. If the indoor temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the system should be used in the air compressor all blown out, to prevent the child fat forging forging crazy Fist Fist system is frozen. Winter should not be enabled when the geothermal heating system should pay attention to protection, to prevent the water diversion components or heating pipe in the water icing.
Q:Where can the warm electric boilers
The electric boiler for heating does not seem to have
Q:To warm the water back to the water is not hot
The gas valve to get off the gas to see if the valve is open

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