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What kind of drill is drilled by 40Cr heat treatment with hardness above 40 degrees?
A good example is the successful milling of a sintered barium carbide gas turbine blade using a coated carbide blade in a small batch process. When the cutting speed is 120sfm, the cutting is completed in only 5-10 minutes. In high volume machining of high hardness materials, 15-30 minutes of blade life is acceptable. But for small quantities of workpieces, shorter tool life and constant replacement of the tool are not major drawbacks. However, it is important to extend the life of the blade during full load production, which reduces tool change time, tool change, machine efficiency, and productivity. Now, carbide inserts can be used for machining turbine blades. If the amount of processing is large, CBN blades with higher hardness and higher cost should be adopted.
Which material, gb1436 and 6542, has a good drill?
6542 is a high speed tool steel.Most of the drilling holes for high-speed processing, so the majority of small drill bit is 6542, this is the must choose.Most drilling holes are low speed processing, and the manufacturing cost is considered, so most of them do not use 6542.GB1436 "straight shank twist drill", this is a standard, is a straight shank twist drill specifications, size, not material.
M2.5 hit the bottom teeth with much bit
Then, the chip 2.5-0.45=2.05 is used to tap bottom drill bit drilling. If it is an extrusion tap, the formula is 2.5-0.45/2=2.275's drill.
What does the cutting depth of the drill mean 3D?
For example, 3D, the drill diameter is 20MM, then the effective drilling depth is 60MM, but the actual standard bit slot length must be about 80mm, because we should consider the chip space!!
What size drills and taps are required for drilling M10's internal threads?
Tap with M10*1 tap (not considered the accuracy of thread); if it is M10*0.75, use Phi 9.2 bit; tap with M10*0.75 tap (not considered the accuracy of the thread level).
What drill does 42CrMo use to drill better?
Drilled outlet, rotary car hole boring other shapes
What are the main points of drill grinding?
Make sure that the edge of the blade is symmetrical to the axis and the sides are slowly repaired. When the edge is sharpened and the other side is sharpened, the edge must be in the middle of the axis of the drill bit, and the edges of both sides must be symmetrical. The symmetry of the experienced teacher will look to the light point, slowly grinding. Drill cutting edge angle is 10 DEG -14 DEG, after large angle, the cutting edge is too thin, when drilling vibration badly, orifice in three edge or pentagon, the chip is acicular; small angle, drilling large axial force, easy to cut, the cutting force increases, temperature rise drill, severe fever, or even drilling. For after the angle grinding, the tip of two edged, symmetrical, drilling bit, chip light, no vibration, no enlarged aperture.
The threaded hole M5 general drill big bottom
General drilling screw threads diameter can be directly check the manual or by the following formula:Brittle materials (cast iron, bronze): bore diameter D=d (thread outside diameter) -1.1P (pitch)Plastic material (steel, copper, etc.): drilling hole diameter D=d (L thread diameter) -P (pitch)