Plastic Handle Small Saw Frame SJ-0137 Saw Frame

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$3.80 - 16.80 / pc
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1000 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

saw frame:6",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:No problem what saw saw
The air filter can filter the chainsaw saw dust, dust and other foreign matter, prevent foreign bodies into the cylinder scuffing cause bad accident. When the chain saw appear flameout, inability to work, gas engine overheating fault, there may be air filter dirty need maintenance. The air filter should be checked before work, qualified clean air filter at the sun light observation should be thorough, bright, the air filter unqualified covered with wood residue, dust, touch feel hard, the air filter with hot soapy water cleaning, dry, clean, transparent, soft, square to ensure the normal work of the chain saw.
Q:How about the 06 saw in the broken aluminum door and window equipment? What are the characteristics? What is the difference between it and CNC saws?
Main features:(1) it is used for cutting 45 and 90 degrees of aluminum and plastic profiles;(2) imported carbide saw blade, with high precision and high durability;(3) the spindle with high precision makes the saw blade rotate stably;(4) the pneumatic and hydraulic damping cylinder achieves uniform speed regulation and steady feed;(5) the length required to cut the profile at one time.06 saw and CNC saw is very different, the price will be much worse.
Q:How to adjust the carburetor?
Check the intake valve, whether the intake is good, the gasoline tank lid loose, air intake, at this time to accelerate the strong, which proves that the intake valve is inadequate, replacement or adjustment. Four, the British star, the backbone of Malaysia brand chain saw use of the carburetor are imported from Japan, so when the carburetor cleaning, please do not easily adjust the oil surface and destroy the original structure, thorough cleaning can be assured use.
Q:Why do you want to repair concrete road pavement saws
The expansion joint, some fixed cut, some casting with something separated, one is to prevent thermal damage of pavement, the two is bad repair, because the cement concrete pavement broken will be a crack extending far
Q:Aluminum sawing machine why sawing, saw the back when the slow?
Because the blade vibration when running at high speed will, and in the cutting material, because the blade in the middle of the material cutting, squeezing the material on both sides of the vibration will be reduced, saw Ruth to control, and after the completion of the sawing
Q:Which is better for saw blade, alternating tooth ladder or flat tooth?
1., about the most widely used teeth, cutting speed, grinding relatively simple. Suitable for cutting and crosscut various soft and hard wood materials and MDF, plywood, particleboard etc.. Equipped with anti elastic protection around the tooth is tooth plate for dovetail, longitudinal cutting of various degree; with negative rake angle of tooth saw blade sharp, serrated cutting because of good quality, usually used for veneer cutting.2. flat tooth saw is rough, cutting speed is slow, grinding is the most simple. Mainly used for sawing ordinary wood, the cost is lower, more used for smaller diameter aluminum saw blade, in order to maintain cutting to reduce adhesion, or used for grooving saw blade, to keep the groove bottom leveling.The 3. ladder flat tooth is a combination of trapezoidal teeth and peace teeth, and the grinding is more complicated. When sawing, the utility model can reduce the phenomenon of overlaying and cracking, and is suitable for sawing and cutting all kinds of single and double facing artificial boards and fireproof boards. Aluminum saw blade, in order to prevent adhesion, but also more flat teeth with more teeth.4. ladder tooth often used for cutting saw blade trough, in artificial plate sawing double veneer, adjust the thickness of the bottom surface of the groove saw complete grooving, the main saw complete plate sawing, cutting edge to prevent the occurrence of collapse phenomenon.
Q:Can a curve saw aluminum?
Yes, the curve saw can cut aluminum, but the efficiency is not high and the surface accuracy is poor.
Q:Wo saw blade open black is still hot running backwards
For the wet wood cutting saw, saw along the board, curve saw, 2 2 "Baicheng in a saw tooth called" left right, for dry wood cutting saw, smooth sawing, tenon saw, combined with 85 degrees: cutting saw tooth back, along with 93 degrees forward saw tooth shape cut, along with the saw vertical sawtooth dual front 90 teeth.
Q:What is the best saw for sawing ivory?
Secondly Lahua saw, technical requirements for Qualcomm Changping whole is not good, the lowest loss.Electric wire type. High smoothness, loss according to the thickness of wire saw.
Q:What does "antialiasing" and "vertical synchronization" mean in the game options? What's the function?
The vertical synchronization is on a frame is rendered completely after rendering the next frame and frame limit is 60/s, this will make the picture more stable and smooth, of course, do the demand of hardware is very high, which is a bottleneck will cause the opposite result caused by skipping. If configured, try to turn on vertical synchronization.

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