Plastic Handle Small Saw Frame SJ-0137 Saw Frame

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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

saw frame:6",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:How do electronic saw and vice saws fit together?
As for the big and small blade blade size according to the various manufacturers of electronic saw it, for example, saw Shunde electronic machinery Bernie, large blade diameter is 400MM, the hole is 75MM, and four positioning holes (this is the basis for the pneumatic lock knife, often saw it is very convenient for disassembly the small blade diameter), 160MM, hole diameter is 45MM. there are three locating holes. In Shunde now has several procurement in this way.
Q:Can the PPR pipe be cut with saw blades?
Certainly. The cutting surface is best to be sawn vertically and smoothly. After sawing, cut the inside and outside corners of the cutting surface (that is, scraping the burr).Does not affect hot melt.
Q:Chainsaw carburetor laps is the best way to
Only in these cases can the carburetor be adjusted. For example, the change of cylinder cylinder chain saw. Chainsaw is not enough, must adjust the appropriate. The carburetor has three adjusting screws, respectively T, algebraic screw tightening, oil into the more agitated, less oil. H high speed screw is chainsaw running in high speed, compact chain saws will work fast, slow song. L low speed screw, regulate the chainsaw low, tight chainsaw will turn fast, slow or agitated, do not turn, or the dead fire. Now most of them are H and L about domestic chain saw, when the most tight screw off about a half month circle. The appropriate tightening point, then at the start, look at how the operation of chain saw. Slowly adjusting.
Q:The difference between the alternating and flat teeth of a woodworking saw
Sawing wood, particleboard, MDF or tooth, can be sharp wood fiber cut, cut smooth; in order to keep the grooving bottom flat, with flat tooth or flat composite tooth; sawing plywood, fireproof board generally choose ladder flat tooth saws because of computer sawing rate, diameter and thickness of the alloy blades are relatively large, about 350-450mm in diameter, 4.0-4.8mm in thickness, most of the ladder flat teeth, in order to reduce the edge collapse, saw.
Q:What's the use of a steel saw?
A wire saw is usually primarily a vibrating industrial saw. It is usually made on a steel wire with a serrated saw, which is mainly divided into three directions and a screw type. It is suitable for sawing wood and soft metal.
Q:How do electronic saws operate?
When the saw blade is replaced, especially the new saw blade, the saw tooth protection film must be removed, and the saw blade can be installed. If the adhesive film is not removed, the sawing resistance can be cut, and the equipment and saw blade will be damaged;
Q:What angle should the woodwork use to see the corner of the ceiling when it is decorated? 90 degrees
You are the corner plate on the plastic gusset. What you said should be called 45 degrees angle, not 90 degrees. Due to the strength of this material is not high enough, it is generally a hacksaw saws, is a common kind of iron shelf hacksaw. So far, I have not found any useful machines, equipment, saws, and no special equipment to use.
Q:Notice of sawing, points for filing and cutting
Cut file1, the position and effort are basically the same as sawing2, go over the file3, the file cutting direction should be replaced many times, do not have another azimuth file for a long time4, the timely removal of scraps on file5, a, can be forced to force some large, some of the small fine file when (especially by smooth file)
Q:How to use a chainsaw?
First of all, start the chain saw, will start at the end of the rope to mo. When starting to gently pull the starting handle by hand, until the stop position, and then quickly pull down at the same time, before the pressure of the handle. The technician said, "don't pull the starter rope to the end, or you might pull it off.". In daily use, the user often does not pay attention to this detail. As time goes by, the starting rope is damaged easily. Also note, don't let the starting handle free recoil, should slow its back to the housing, so that the starting rope can be very good to roll up.
Q:How to set the kerf surface joints sealing quota
The expansion joint divides the building components above the base, such as wall, floor and roof (except wood roof) into two separate parts, so that buildings or structures can be horizontally extended in a long direction.

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