PSquare Tube Aluminum Handle Saw Frame SJ-0132

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$3.80 - 16.80 / pc
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1000 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:How do electronic saw and vice saws fit together?
As for the big and small blade blade size according to the various manufacturers of electronic saw it, for example, saw Shunde electronic machinery Bernie, large blade diameter is 400MM, the hole is 75MM, and four positioning holes (this is the basis for the pneumatic lock knife, often saw it is very convenient for disassembly the small blade diameter), 160MM, hole diameter is 45MM. there are three locating holes. In Shunde now has several procurement in this way.
Q:I have a lot of sawdust (sawdust) how to use?
See others crush sawdust and glue it into a composite board, but then invest in the equipment and find a good outlet.
Q:What does "antialiasing" and "vertical synchronization" mean in the game options? What's the function?
Anti aliasing (Anti-aliasing): as in the 3D image, the resolution of the constraints, the edges of objects always present triangular sawtooth, and anti aliasing refers to the edge of the image blur processing, the image edge looks more smooth, more close to the real object.
Q:What kind of saw blade is used on melamine board?
The selection of the bottom slot saw is based on the design of the saw. If we can adjust the height of the table saw with a single slot can be realized and the thickness of the main saw blade unified, general specification: diameter 120MM * 24T * teeth thickness (2.8-3.6) * aperture 20/22; if can not adjust, need to use double slot blade through the gasket the thickness of the main saw uniform, general specification: diameter 120MM * teeth (12+12) T* thickness (2.8-3.6) * aperture (note 20/22, 12+12 mean, every piece of the number of teeth of the double tablets were 12 teeth). Of course, using a single slot through the blade height adjustment sometimes is not easy to achieve complete reunification, so there are a lot of people directly choose double slot instead of the saw blade, adjusting the relative simple and easy, but double slot saw higher relative prices.
Q:Can wall saws cut reinforced concrete?
Of course, yes, the wall saw is doing this, mainly cut concrete, cut brick wall very little!
Q:What's the difference between a 30 Tooth cut wood saw blade and a 40 Tooth cut wood saw blade?
What's the difference between a multi Tooth cut wood saw blade and a small tooth? The number of teeth of the toothed, generally more number of teeth, more cutting edge in unit time, the cutting performance is better, but the cutting teeth with hard alloy saw blade number, the price is high, but the serrated teeth too close, chip quantity is small, easy to cause the blade fever; the other saw too much when the amount of feed, with improper words cut per tooth little friction will increase the cutting edge and the workpiece, the influence of blade service life. Usually, the pitch of teeth is 15-25mm, and the reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the cutting material.
Q:What kind of oil do you use to cut the aluminum material with double head saw?
Emulsion by special formula does not contain chlorine, specially for solving problems of aluminum metal and its alloy during processing (such as chip bonding, tool wear, surface accuracy and surface contamination etc.).
Q:Reciprocating working principle of pneumatic reciprocating saw and the working principle of high frequency quiver used for cutting sponge.
The piston in the cylinder of the reciprocating motion of two forms, one is from one end of a cylinder pass into the compressed air so that the piston, the piston moves to the position when the compressed air is eliminated, the piston moves to the opposite direction under the action of the spring. The other is to insert compressed air alternately at both ends of the cylinder to move the piston back and forth.
Q:Is the saw used by the fireman a cutting saw?
A chain saw powered by gasoline engines, used primarily for cutting and making material. Its work is done by cutting the crosswise movement of an interlaced L blade across a saw chain.Chain saw is a kind of broken and broken equipment. It can be divided into motor chain saw, non motor chain saw, concrete chain saw and so on according to function and drive mode.
Q:What is sawing? What's the function of it?
The saw is wavy and cross shaped. A saw blade, so that the kerf width is greater than the thickness of the blade back, thereby preventing the clamping saw blade and blade wear and reduce overheating.

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