Double Flexible Ring Rathch Wrench Hand Tools

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Product Description:

Double Flexible Ring Rathch Wrench Hand Tools

Material:CR-V, 40cr,50BV30

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 8*9.10*11.12*13.14*15.16*17*18*19 mm

Packing:As your request

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Q:Do you mean the same spanner and open spanner? And is the fast wrench mysterious?
The board generally refers to the opening spanner (in some areas of the spanner and stay open board referred to the board).
Q:What's the difference between toilet press top and side wrenches?
The toilet is mainly composed of water pipes, water inlet pipes, water outlet pipes, water pipes, water outlet knobs, floating balls and levers.
Q:What's wrong with a rechargeable wrench without strength?
High strength bolts can be divided into torshear type and the big six angle two GB, torshear type high strength bolt for M16, M20, M22, M24 four, M27, M30 non GB two GB; six angle high strength bolt for several M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30 etc.. General for high strength bolts fastening must first end tight and tight, and each need to have strict requirements of torque. Large six angle high-strength bolts of initial tightening and final tightening must use fixed torque wrenches. Therefore, all kinds of electric wrenches are needed for fastening.
Q:What do you mean by the 6.3mm and 10mm series of socket wrenches?
Manual wrench sleeve: square hole 6.3mm, 10mm series, s refers to the basic dimensions refer to: D1, D2, diameter, length: ordinary type, extended type, torque series: C Grade A, torque test.
Q:What brand of torque wrenches is best?
What is the best, this depends on their own needs, the fit is the best. But I personally recommend strong SVETRUCK torque wrench, is a Canadian import brand, cost-effective, comprehensive consideration of the selection of strong SVETRUCK or very suitable.
Q:What are the two purpose wrenches?
Standard for manufacture of dual-purpose wrenches: GB/T4392-1995 (percussion wrenches and percussion wrenches). Features: dual wrench and spanner by high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel forged into a whole, has the advantages of reasonable design, stable structure, high density material, anti attack ability, do not fold, constantly, bending, product size precision, durability and other characteristics.
Q:How to distinguish between screw size corresponding to the big wrench?
The opening wrench for the outer six angles is more accurate with the six angle nut, since there are six angle bolts and small hexagon head bolts. Wrench specifications used for 7, 8, 10, 14, 17, 19, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32, 36, 41, 46, 55, 65; the corresponding thread specifications for the M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M36, M42.
Q:Which kind of material is good for inner six angle spanner?
Inner six angle wrench is also called Alan wrench. Common English names include "Allen key" (or "Allen wrench") and "Hex key" (or Hexwrench).
Q:How can the heat treatment process be formulated?
Because the hardenability of 45 steel is low, the 10% brine solution should be used at a high cooling rate. The workpiece into the water, should be hardened, but not cold, if the workpiece in the brine cold, it is possible to make the workpiece cracking, this is because when the workpiece is cooled to about 180 DEG C when austenite transforms into martensite rapidly caused by excessive stress caused by. Therefore, when the quenched workpiece is cold to the temperature zone, a slow cooling method should be adopted. As the water temperature is difficult to grasp, we must rely on experience to operate, when the workpiece shaking in the water stopped, you can water out of air cold (such as oil, cold better). In addition, the workpiece into the water should be moving, not static, should be in accordance with the geometry of the workpiece, regular movement. The stationary cooling medium plus the stationary workpiece causes uneven hardness and uneven stress, causing the workpiece to become deformed and even crack.45 pieces of quenched and tempered steel after quenching hardness should reach HRC56~59, the possibility of large section low, but not less than HRC48, otherwise, the work has not been fully quenched sorbite, appear even ferrite may in the organization, the organization through tempering, is still retained in the base body, not up to quality objective.
Q:What's the difference between an electric wrench 28V and an 32V?
Electric wrench is power or battery powered wrench, is a kind of high strength bolt tightening tool, also known as high-strength bolt gun. It can be divided into impact wrench, torsional shear wrench, fixed torque wrench, corner wrench and angle spanner.

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