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1.Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance to the connector hold position with minimum pumping action.

1.Design to accommodate hexagonal dies for applying compression fittings to copper,aluminum conductors.

2.180° rotatable head.

3.The glass fiber operation insulates the stick, can bear the electric voltage 200KV,keeping on the minute.

4.The pressure outside the body adjusts to press the valve, don't need the whole structure to lie down.


     Crimping dies:50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300,400mm²

6.Crimping force:13T

7.Crimping range:Cu 50-400mm²

8.Stroke: 38mm

9.Oil capacity: 200cc



ratchet cable cutter
Cutting range of three models:

ratchet cable cutter
Cutting range of three models:



Ratchet cable cutter

Application:It is used for cutting copper&aluminum conductor and cable.



ModelCutting RangeWeight(Kg)
XLJ-1≤ ¢32 Copper&Aluminum conductor0.98
J-75≤ ¢75 cable (Copper&Aluminum conductor)4
J-100≤ ¢100 cable (Copper&Aluminum conductor)6

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