Ratchet Socket Wrench with Ben Handle Carbon Steel Hand Tools

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Ratchet Socket Wrench  with Ben Handle Carbon Steel Hand Tools

Material:45#carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 17*19 19*21 17*21mm

Packing:AS your request


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Q:What material do open wrenches use?
45 steel is the term "GB", also called "oil steel"". Hot spot in the market; cold rolled gauge 1.0~4.0mm.
Q:Manufacturing process of inner six angle wrench
Inside the six corners of the board hand are generally hot stamping process, the production process is divided into the following steps:1, 45#, 40Cr and 50# rolled into hexagonal wire.2, blanking, 90 degrees right angle forming.3, quenching and tempering, hardness requirements of HRC43-50.4, surface treatment, oxidation, leather, black, electroplating and so on.
Q:What are the sleeve wrenches commonly used in automobile maintenance?
Universal tool tool bishop, screwdriver, pliers, wrenches etc.. 320 mm. ~350 (a) hammer hammer, composed of a hammer head and handle. The weight of the hammer is 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg, 0.75 kg, 1 kg and so on. Hammer shape is round and square. The handle is made of hard wood, usually long (two) opener opener (also known as a screwdriver.
Q:What's the difference between a socket wrench and a wrench we usually use?
The difference between movable wrench and wrench is with the mouth with wire cutter, is movable; a socket wrench with the mouth and the handle are separated, and with a handle is provided with a plurality of specifications.
Q:What is a stall type hydraulic pulse pneumatic tool?
Traditional pneumatic wrench: use the air pressure to adjust the torque. When the screws are tightened, the tools continue to act, causing the main parts to deform and damage. Because of the torque limit, accuracy is not high, around 50%.1. hydraulic machinery in a short time to set torque, torque distribution value is relatively small, so skilled operation is not required2. rotating torque adjusting bolt can easily change torque3., positive reversal, easy to operate, can be operated by hand4. double chamber motor by comparing with the traditional models about more than 30% lighter5. the main shaft does not have the striking position, therefore the vibration and the noise are smaller6. use a special blade, so you can use it without oiling.
Q:Will the wrench screw produce static electricity or sparks?
Where there is a gas leak, no communication facilities such as mobile phones are prohibited, and chemical fiber materials shall not be used in the work clothes.For reference.
Q:The difference between the six corners and the inner six corners of the plum blossom
Although there are many kinds of domestic bolts with six angles, the national standards are relatively large, but basically some of them are special. Basically, few people will use them on the market. More or more of the cylindrical head six angle bolts, also known as cylindrical head six angle screws.
Q:The process of making an ordinary open-ended wrench requires material and heat treatment
The blank after the rough machining after quenching, good milling opening angle of 780 DEG C after heating, in salt water (local spanner mouth) quenching, tempering 250 DEG ~350 deg. This will ensure that the wrench has a certain degree of hardness, wear and tear does not hurt the nut, wrench the rest of the parts have a certain toughness, can withstand torsion load. (machining process omitted)
Q:How can the heat treatment process be formulated?
45 steel quenching and tempering45 steel is a medium carbon structural steel, cold and hot processing performance is good, mechanical performance is good, and low prices, wide range of sources, so widely used. Its biggest weakness is hardenability, low cross section size and relatively high requirements of the workpiece should not be used.
Q:Screwdriver and "wrench" is the same tool?
WrenchWrenchA manually operated tool for screwing bolts, screws, nuts, and other threads to secure the opening or sleeve of a bolt or nut. The wrench is usually provided with a clamping handle at one end or both ends of the handle part, and when an external force is applied to the handle, the bolt or nut can be screwed, and the opening or the hole of the bolt or nut can be screwed. When the utility model is used, an external force is applied to the handle in the direction of rotation of the screw thread, and the bolt or nut can be screwed.Wrenches are usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel.Several types of wrenches commonly used.Wrench: a fixed size opening at one or both ends is used to twist a nut or bolt of a certain size.Ring spanner: both ends have a working end with six corners or twelve corners. It is suitable for occasions where the working space is narrow and the ordinary spanner can not be used.Dual purpose wrench: one end is the same as a single head wrench, and the other end is the same as the plum wrench. The bolts or nuts with the same specifications are screwed at the two ends.Adjustable wrench: the opening width can be adjusted in a certain size range, and screws or nuts with different specifications can be screwed.Hook wrench: also known as the crescent wrench for screwing thickness restricted flat nut etc..Socket wrench: it is composed of a plurality of sockets with six corners or twelve corners and is provided with a handle, a connecting rod, etc., and is especially suitable for screwing bolts or nuts with very small or very concave positions.Inner six angle wrench: a L shaped six angle wrench, used exclusively for screwing six angle screws.Torque wrench: it shows the applied torque when screwing a bolt or nut; or when the applied torque reaches a specified value, it emits a light or audible signal. Torque wrenches are suitable for assembly work that specifies the torque magnitude.

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