8-in-1 Magnetic Socket Wrench 42CRMO Hand Tools Carbon steel

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8-in-1 Magnetic Socket  Wrench

Material:42CRMO,45#Carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,matt



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Q:What material do open wrenches use?
45 steel is the term "GB", also called "oil steel"". Hot spot in the market; cold rolled gauge 1.0~4.0mm.
Q:Six angle nut is too tight, how to unscrew?
Not hard to work hard. When the nut does not move, you can spray some lubricant first, and then use the plum wrench to unscrew the nut after fully moistening. The use of the plum wrench is to protect the nut, and it will not damage the teeth in the nut. It will not damage the appearance of the nut. Otherwise, it is possible to circle the six corners of the nut.
Q:How to make the lathe chuck spanner? (steel hardening and tempering)
You say the problem should be the problem of quenching, do not do the whole quenching, hardness will be crisp.Adjustable material (HRC28-32) can be considered, and Zn is plated on the surface after processing.
Q:Torque wrenches, 72 teeth and 45 teeth, which one has greater torque?
The torque is the same. The number of teeth you say should refer to the number of teeth on the ratchet of the wrench head. 72 and 45 do not affect the torque value
Q:How to change the type of adjustable spanner?
1: adjustable wrench specifications are length * opening maximum width, commonly used specifications have 250mm * 30MM (10), 300mm * 36mm (12), 375mm * 46mm (15), and 400mm55mm (18).2: the size of the plum wrench is to use a large nut parallel to the side of the distance from the small nut parallel to the edge distance to express. The commonly used specifications are 5.5mm * 7mm, 8mm * 10mm, 12mm * 14mm, 17mm * 19mm, 22mm * 24mm, 24mm * 27mm, 30mm * 32mm.3: the opening wrench is indicated by the width of the opening. Commonly used specifications are 41mm, 46mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, five kinds.
Q:What material is the best inside six corner wrench?
The EIGHT of SNCM+V in Japan is more suitable for the material of inner six angle wrench than S2, HRC 55-60 and has toughness
Q:The difference between a ratchet wrench and a torque wrench
Torque wrench. - also called torque wrench or torque wrench, torque force and distance is the product of the need to control the torque exerted on the fastening screw bolt and nut threaded fasteners, to ensure that the thread fastening torque is too large and does not damage due to threads, so use the torque wrench to operate. The first set a torque limit when the applied torque reaches the set value, the wrench will be issued a "Kata" sound or a wrench bend at the joint point of this representative has not the fastening force.
Q:Automatic power-off electric wrench when it reaches a certain torque to control the (with what instrument switch or the like)
The fixed torque electric wrench on the market can be divided into three kinds: impact type constant torque electric wrench, current type constant torque electric wrench and sensor type fixed torque electric wrench.
Q:What do you mean by a wrench icon on the dashboard of Chery?
Small wrench alarm is the manufacturer in order to remind the owner of fixed mileage, as required, maintenance, set up the maintenance reminder function, suggesting that the vehicle mainly for vehicle maintenance.
Q:What problems do sleeve wrenches use?
The socket wrench is used for detecting the tightening torque value of the steel connecting sleeve and the connecting wire head of the steel bar.Steel joint sleeve torque wrench applicable range: This product applies to the diameter of 12- 40MM mm rebar connection, tightening torque test.Steel connecting sleeve torque wrench technical indicator: indication duty error / indication repetition error is less than or equal to 0.5%.Torque wrench for steel connecting sleeve specification: wrench arm arm length 600mm. Torque value setting range 70~370N.M.

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