Scaffolding Spanner Rathcet Socket Wrench Hand Tools

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Scaffolding  Spanner  Rathcet Socket Wrench

Material:CR-V, 40cr

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt,Black,spray























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Q:What material do open wrenches use?
The open spanner is made of 45# medium carbon steel.
Q:How long can a torque wrench last?
Torque wrench, also known as torque wrench, torque wrench, torque adjustable wrench, is a wrench. According to the power source can be divided into: electric torque wrench, hydraulic torque wrench and manual torque wrench; manual torque wrench can be divided into: preset type, dial type and digital display.
Q:How to distinguish between good and bad wrenches?
The first is material, is ordinary steel or vanadium steel screw.Aperture accuracy dimension.Electroplate。Length.If you're talking about a torque wrench, it's a big difference.Specifically, you think about what wrench to buy, how much money wrench, I recommend the brand.
Q:How to make the lathe chuck spanner? (steel hardening and tempering)
You say the problem should be the problem of quenching, do not do the whole quenching, hardness will be crisp.Adjustable material (HRC28-32) can be considered, and Zn is plated on the surface after processing.
Q:How many types of torque wrenches are there? How do you distinguish them?
Torque wrench according to the general category, it should be: electric torque wrench, manual torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench. Electric torque wrenches, as the name suggests.
Q:Does the torque wrench belong to the strong inspection range?
With the development of science and technology and international exchange of technology, the understanding of tightening technology is also improving. 30 years ago, China made aircraft without torque wrench, now, machinery manufacturing enterprises and electronic manufacturing enterprises has been widely used in torque wrench, more and more enterprises to build their own standard, strictly control the preload of bolt. In the national verification regulation of torque wrench calibration also more stringent, in 2013 China will use the verification procedures for new torque wrench, torque tester requirements increase, also put forward higher requirements on the torque spanner.
Q:How to choose torque wrench precision?
There is also a way to calculate the CP value, the CP value is greater than 1.33, in the vicinity of 1.66 best.
Q:The process of making an ordinary open-ended wrench requires material and heat treatment
If it's not a wrench, then. Material selection carbon tool steel T10A or T12A.
Q:What's the torque of the 1/2 ratchet wrench?
The utility model has the advantages of convenience and speed, labor saving and time saving, and can be loosened, unloaded and tightly packed. The utility model has the advantages of good applicability and convenient adjustment of the angle of use.When the size of the wrench ratchet, the biggest is 1/2, the minimum is 1/4.
Q:What problems do sleeve wrenches use?
Caution with torque wrench:1., pay attention to waterproof, mud, sand and other debris into the wrench handle, torque wrench is strictly prohibited when the use of hammer.2. when using the wrench head to be leveled, force should be uniform, not too hard or exert impact force.3. when the torque wrench issued a "click" sound, to immediately stop the wrench, wrench force to prevent damage to the part of the 4 set to zero in the wrench is strictly prohibited to use, because in this state after no sound signal, easy to overload damage wrenchWhen the 5. wrench is not suitable for a long time, the wrench scale shall be set on the zero position so as to avoid the fatigue failure of the force measuring element.6. during the process of use, if the wrench does not sound, the signal should be stopped immediately for maintenance. After maintenance, the wrench needs to be calibrated and can be used before calibration.

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