Flexible Socket Combination Spanner 8mm-24mm ANSI DIN Hand Tools

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Features of Flexible  Socket  Combination  Spanner 8mm-24mm


Material:CR-V, 40cr,45#Carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE(mm): 6,7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,21, 22, 23, 24, 25,27,30,32

Packing:AS your request


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Q:M42, what is the outer diameter of the six point nut socket wrench for the side s=65?
Socket wrench: it consists of a plurality of sockets with six corners or twelve corners and is provided with various attachments, such as a handle, a connecting rod, etc., and is especially suitable for screwing bolts or nuts with very small or very deep twist positions.
Q:What do you mean by the bolt capacity of the pneumatic wrench?
This is the wrench. How big is it to tighten the bolts?
Q:How do you adjust the pressure on the pressure gauge and the tightening torque of the bolt on the hydraulic wrench?
How big is the diameter of the cylinder of your hydraulic wrench? How much pressure is directly related to this?!
Q:What are the differences between electric wrench, pneumatic wrench and torque wrench?
An electric wrench is a wrench powered by a power source or battery. It is a tool for tightening bolts. Mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, special installation of steel structural high-strength bolt, high strength bolt is used to connect the steel structure contact, usually with bolt group way.
Q:What are the sleeve wrenches commonly used in automobile maintenance?
Good, now commonly used 8,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,24,27,30, can be used for ordinary sleeve nut or bolt end is connected below the end completely, and the diameter of concave hole can not be used for opening wrench or wrench and wrench, using socket wrench, bolt is also a limited space, can only use socket wrench. A socket wrench is generally called a sleeve: it is made of a plurality of sockets with six corners or twelve corners and is provided with a handle,...
Q:What occasions can plum blossom and permanent spanner be applied to?
Fixed nut wrench in less disassembling and fastening. Flexible applicationIf the screw is tight, consider that the nut must not be used to pull the nut so that it does not cause damage to the nut
Q:How many types of torque wrenches are there? How do you distinguish them?
Then the manual torque wrench, in the current Chinese, or more commonly used, I use this brand a strong SVETRUCK (I learned today, I doubt today is also a similar problem), they are: preset type torque wrench, digital type torque wrench, torque dial wrench, constant torque wrench these categories.
Q:What's a chain wrench?
The chain is hinged with the clamp handle through the connecting plate, that is, one end of the chain is hinged with one end of the connecting plate, and the other end of the connecting plate is hinged with the clamp handle. The teeth at the front end of the clamp handle arc distributed in an arc. The chain type pipe at work, non articulated chain end is free, and the clamp handle is fixed or hinged, pipe clamping, rotating by friction between the pipe and winding its chain to achieve, and the torque by the meshing force of local cone and the front end of the clamp handle chain produced no, the clamp handle force on the pipe surface sites.
Q:What do you mean by a wrench icon on the dashboard of Chery?
Car maintenance to keep the vehicle clean, technical condition is normal, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent faults, slow down the deterioration process, prolong the service cycle.
Q:Why are the 12 and 18 inch spanners very different?
Wrench 12 inches is 300mm, 18 inches of 450mm, depends on what material, and if the material is cheap, the corresponding price difference is not how much, if the price is expensive, then the price will vary greatly.

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