Hand Tool Stainless Steel Plier Electronic Tool / Scaffolding tools

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Hand Tool Stainless Steel Plier Electronic Tool / Scaffolding tools


Hand Tool Stainless Steel Plier Electronic Tool / Scaffolding tools

Hand Tool Stainless Steel Plier Electronic Tool / Scaffolding tools


1. Size: 5";

2. Excellent smooth surface finish;

3. Any available color nontoxic dipped handle,

4. Excellent in quality and reasonable in price;

5. Box Joint Jewelry Pliers, Jewelry Marking Pliers;

6. We can supply develop new items without any charge;


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:according to different demands of customers
Delivery Detail:45days after receipt deposit


1) What can we do for you?

    We can ensure the quality of the vinyl banner and avoid extra expenses for customers.

    We can provide you the professional design team.

    We can provide fashionable and newest styles for you.

    We can design the artwork for you.

    Please feel free to customize.


2) What promises can be done by us?

    If interested in Aluminum-Frame Formwork, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE.

    If printing required, please advise asap because the whole set need much more time to complete.

    Please DO check goods when courier knocks your door and contact us asap if any issue.


3) What about of our after-sale service?

    Response will be carried out in 24hours  after receiving any complain or request.

    Aluminum-Frame Formwork cost can be refund after order is confirmed.

    If the products are not based on the requirements, there will be the relevant compensations made for you.


 4) What about the package and shipping time?

    Packing:  As Customer's Requirements

Shipping: We have various shipping ways for our customers,

such as express which including TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, etc. By air/ sea, and we are VIP of these express.

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Q:How about 12 inches in a 12 inch adjustable wrench?
Species:Inner six angle wrench (inner six corners) (GB5356-85) - nominal size (pair size): 2.5 to 36Form screw screwdrivers (screw screwdrivers) (GB1432-78) - Specifications (lengths of rods without connecting rods * rod diameters): 50 * 3~350 * 9Cruciform screw screwdrivers (cross screwdrivers) (GB1433-78) - Specifications (lengths of rods without connecting rods * rod diameters): 50 * 4~400 * 9Adjustable wrench (GB4440-84) - Specification (length * maximum opening width): 100 * 13~600 * 65Double ended wrench (double ended wrench) (GB4388-84) - Specification (opening width): 2.5 to 80Ring wrench (GB4388-84) - Specification (for side width): 5.5 to 36Socket wrenches (with gyro) (GB3390.2-82) - Specification (pair width): 6.3 to 63
Q:What do you mean by a wrench icon in the dashboard of Chery?
Small wrench alarm is the manufacturer in order to remind the owner of fixed mileage, as required, maintenance, set up the maintenance reminder function, suggesting that the vehicle mainly for vehicle maintenance.
Q:Does the torque wrench belong to the strong inspection range?
The term "torque wrench" is called a torque wrench.
Q:How much torque do you need to use the 36 screw on the torque wrench?
Any recommended torque standard have assumed that the torque coefficient or coefficient of friction, in fact only reference, if the bolt, must do torque coefficient test, do not understand the actual conditions recommended torque is not serious.
Q:How to distinguish movable spanner and adjustable spanner?
The name is different, the maintenance personnel in oral communication, some say movable wrench, some speak of adjustable wrench, in fact, are all the same tool.
Q:The difference between brush and brush in rechargeable electric wrench
DC motor needs commutation, if the brush is a brush motor reversing, general motor has the advantages of low cost, easy start, performance is relatively soft, suitable for the use of a wrench, but the efficiency is low, this is the fatal weakness of battery type wrench. Brushless DC motor through electronic commutation, high efficiency, small motor, no carbonic acid more durable, but high cost.
Q:M6.m8.m12 which six angle bolts should be equipped with some specifications of the inner six angle wrench?
The inner six corner bolts of m6.m8.m12 shall be equipped with M5.M6.M8 inner six angle wrench.
Q:Bolt and wrench size conversion
Usually the diameter of the bolt is multiplied by 1.5 times, that is, the size of the mouth and the plum blossom. The inner six angle wrench is generally the diameter of the bolt minus 2. All wrenches, including open-ended wrenches, inner six angle wrenches, Plum wrenches, socket wrenches, etc., all of which mean the width of the head to the side of the bolt, and the bolt specification refers to the nominal diameter of the thread. For example, the outer six corner bolts of M10, whose width of the opposite side is 16mm (see GB GB/5780-86, are included in the design manual), use the 16 open-ended wrench or the plum wrench. Also, such as GB/70 - 85, six angle bolts, M10 of the six - angle bolts of the opposite side of the size of 8mm, then choose the 8mm's six - angle wrench.
Q:I wonder if there are any differences between digital display torque wrenches and non digital ones. Where do you sell them?
Digital display, you can directly see how much torque, no digital display, to your set torque will make a noise, tell you to achieve the set value, but before you set the value, you are in mind.
Q:Why are the 12 and 18 inch spanners very different?
Wrench 12 inches is 300mm, 18 inches of 450mm, depends on what material, and if the material is cheap, the corresponding price difference is not how much, if the price is expensive, then the price will vary greatly.

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